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Usxpress Inc
Is a waste of time to work for!

My name is Silas Lindsey, I am writing this letter in regards to my experience with your company's hiring process. I am completely dissatisfied with the hiring process I have been through which wasted a month of my time. I am sure that many complaints are emailed, called, and written online about this for many reasons, some being perhaps legitimate, the majority being not. However I did not want to simply post a complaint online, and perhaps discourage other potential employees from seeking employment with USXpress. I am writing this letter in hopes that these things can be corrected internally, so that they do not happen to others in the future.

I applied for a position as a driver around December 10th I was promptly called by a recruiter named Jennifer Beavers, and was called in for orientation starting December 14th. I thought all was going splendedly, and was pleased to be on my way to Markham, IL. The orientation went well, and I had my physical, I needed to get a doctor's release for some medication I take. So I was temporarily disqualified until I got that in. So I finally managed to get ahold of my doctor and have this release faxed in on the 18th. My doctor told me that he had gotten a confirmation back that it went through. At this point much of the staff at the Markham, IL terminal was off for christmas, so I thought nothing of it. I called back and found out that they in fact did not have the release.

So I had to wait until the 2nd of January because my doctor was on vacation, I finally got this faxed in to the Dr there in markham, and it was forwarded to the safety department. So I called Jennifer to check on how things were going, she informed me that it would be about an hour or so, and not to worry that I was definetly hired because everything else was fine. After trying to get ahold of her the next 2 days she told me that they were probably just backed up because of orientation. I called Diana Cruz in Markham, IL to see if she could find anything out for me, and she informed me that there was a "problem" with my application which she would not explain in any futher detail.

O I called the safety department in Chattanooga to see what the problem was. Apparently they had an issue with overlapping dates, which I had already explained the situation in detail to them when I originally spoke to my recruiter. I worked for a company called Perez Transportation, and had been laid off for about 4 months, and I had worked for a different local compant part time during the time I was off. I was called back after that and went to work again for Perez Transportation. I was told that I was never hired in the first place and they didnt have my file. I called Jennifer again to talk to her about this situation and she said she would work on it right away.

The question I have here is why? I was directly asked about these before I ever even went to orientation, and yet it became a problem later, someone could have called me and simply asked, in fact I called my former boss and he said that when they did the reference check they asked him about that and he explained it to them as well. Jennifer told me yesterday that they had to call my last employer again and do this reference over. I called my old boss and asked if he would call in the morning and straighten this all up, he said he certinally would. This morning around 10am he called me and told me that he called and they said they "didn't have me on file" and that someone named Maria would call him back. She never did get back to him.

So to summarize I was led to believe that I was hired a month ago, when I never was in the first place, so I did not continue looking for work. I know this was caused my a lack of communication, and no one intended this to happen, however this cost a month of my time, and money which I can't get back. The problems with my application could have been easily fixed with a simple phone call to me, or a simple communication to Jennifer that there was a problem, or her asking them what was going on. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter, hopefully it will draw attention to some problems that can be corrected, and lead to a more profitable business.

Silas D. Lindsey

Offender: Usxpress Inc

Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Chattanooga
Address: 4080 jenkins rd
Phone: 4235103000

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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