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Locksmith Westport

Ellini Locksmith serves you wherever you are in Miami and across the US. We at Ellini Locksmith will be happy to serve you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our service technicians waiting for your Call Now: 1877-221-5625 (Lock). Website Source: Locksmith Westport ...

Castle Rock Security
Will Not Cancel

While my husband was in the Navy stationed in Norfolk VA, we were approached at home by a sales representative for SAI security. During his sales pitch I had asked him about a contract and indicated that we were planning on getting out of the Navy and moving back to California in a year. He stated that the we would still be ...

Castle Rock Security
Efusal to cancel

I originally signed a 3 year contract with Apex Security for alarm monitoring of my home. Apex provided the wrong debit card number to my bank and the first 3 months were an absolute nightmare trying to find out why they were not getting paid. Soon after this was taken care of Apex sold to SAI. You guessed it, when they sold to ...