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Run Local Lockamith
Thanks to Run Local Lockamith

I never thought I would have such amazingly beautiful photos of my wedding come up after development of the prints. Michal’s work is fantastic. His masterly wedding photography Sydney clicks left nothing to be desired. Truly professional…Great attitude…did not get annoyed at guests coming in the way and clicking for their shots. ...

Northstar Alarm Services
Deceptive Trade Practices

Did you get that dreaded knock on the door? “We really like your location here because you’re right in the middle of the street and lots of traffic goes by.” Or, “We love your yard because it’s well-kept and you’re right on the corner, so we’d like to advertise with this Northstar sign in your yard.” Chances are likely that ...

Castle Rock Security
Refusal to Cancel

I continue to have the same cancellation problems as listed below. Back in 2007 I sent a letter to cancel service and was told I had 2 years left on my contract. I instructed them to keep the letter to cancel upon completion of my contract (May 2010). I have been trying to get them to cancel ever since. They told me that it ...

Unauthorized charge

Over the internet we signed up for security for our computer with Trend checking our online banking statement we saw that they had charged us the $32 and some odd cents for the security and then scrolled down to see an additional $38. Charge for some ridiculous service we did not authorize. It's pretty bad when you ...