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Fraud potection

They keep calling me on my cell wanting my ticket # mobile # and social security # they tell me it is for fraud protection. I tell them I don't have a Verizon account and never have I have been a sprint customer for 20 years plus I gave them my # and first name they want my last and my social if I ...

Julie Hing
Julie Hong TPG SCAM

I was cold called by Julie Hong who represented herself as being in the employ of TPG Private Equity. She tried to peddle us a stock in Vietnam which they had a large position in. Besides her rude and offensive demeanor, this stock was a scam and is down about 50% on no news. I recommend staying as ...

Adt Security
ADT Illegal Debiting of Account

ADT continues to debit (EFT) my bank account without authorization, for 6 months now, after I've notified it several times both on phone and writing that I have canceled the account 6 months ago. The amount is quite large, and ADT refuses to refund the money. My contract expired years ago, and so ...