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Julie Hing
Julie Hong TPG SCAM

I was cold called by Julie Hong who represented herself as being in the employ of TPG Private Equity. She tried to peddle us a stock in Vietnam which they had a large position in. Besides her rude and offensive demeanor, this stock was a scam and is down about 50% on no news. I recommend staying as far away as possible from ...

Silverline Security

Sliverline Security Company is a total scam!!! My husband was solicited by one of the companies young sales person promissing high tech security to protect my home. Sensors were placed on all of the lower level windows, front and rear doors and second floor outside of my three bedrooms. Sounds great. Not! The key sensors ...

Awful Company

I would have to agree with each and every negative complaint on this site. I was lead to believe by their advertising that they had similar equipment and services to the other companies in my area. I didn't like the idea of a, as they called it, "pushy salesperson" coming into my home, so they sold me the system over the phone. ...

Security Networks

I signed a contract for a monitoring service for two years, so when the the time was up I contacted the company to request to cancel the services. I was informed that I signed a 39 month contract and to my knowledge I was not aware of this but could not locate my agreement. I requested for a copy of the agreement and it shows ...