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Platinum Protection
Terrible experience

Back in Sept of 2007, a Platinum Protection sales rep had come out to our house. They were giving Free Wireless Alarms away with a 2 year contract of service. They told me how much better their alarm was over my working existing alarm. I agreed to the new Alarm and service. 30 min after signing the contract a gentleman came to ...

Madison Security Group, Inc
Back Wages, A bull company

Front, the begnning of my employment and They started to pick on me, about what I carry (Backpack), of Tv Series, (Power Ranger), not only that, but also, If I was or am wearing the belief of the show, that I written in this page. Not, only of the problem, with the company. I being (2) company, that, they are not paying the ...

Capitol Concierge

The owner is a greedy person who is trying to get every building in the DC Area. The company does not pay well and the managers treat their employees like crap. Do not work or do business with this company. ...

Bay Alarm
Simply upset at their lack of professionalism

Their Anaheim branch is simply horrible. The sales manager, believe his name was Ryan, cannot be their sales pitch, they claim their so much better on the service end of things than their competition. I don't think so. Their "own" Bay Alarm technicians are the most inexperienced in the industry and are only capable ...

American Home Shield
Poor service

I had Grayson Collin Appliance company come out to fix my GE dryer. They were sent out by American home shield insurance company. The first time they came out was last week of December. The technician was very unprofessional and had very little knowledge about the work. First thing he said upon his 30 second exam, that the ...

Guardian Protection Services
Stay away

We are active military forced to move each 2-3 years - tricked into 5 year deal w/Guardian for security. It's been a 4 1/2 year battle that you can not believe. I've moved 3 times in 4 1/2 years and I'm still fighting to get out of this mess. They will not work with me. Renter in my AZ house wanted to take over service adding 6 ...