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Personal hygiene/laziness

Has anyone ever recorded a complaint for another personal health? We've an officer that reeks of smell. He smells like dog piss having a mouth filled with unpleasant cigarette. We've tried for over annually to get our boss (s) understand this guy to wash up and smell such as a individual. We even ...

My Alarm Center
Fuadulane Servicing

Steer clear!!! Our protection agreement was somehow offered for this organization for maintenance. While at the conclusion of my initial agreement I named to stop they advised me that I'd been car restored for another year!!! This after a lot of problems and issues round the program. Please ...

Discount Locksmith, Prokeys
Theft & Scam

"Discount" Locksmith or Prokeys, unsure just how many titles they have. Is a company put up to provide customers incorrect quotes due to their providers, departing individuals with no option but to pay for the locksmith significantly more than twice compared to projected cost. For ...