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Non existant service

I had to have my phone company come to redo my phone system because ADT system interfered with my phones. They stopped working also my internet service would not work from the time the ADT system was installed. The people who sold us on this system would not return or answer calls. Then they had the wrong account number to ...

Customer service

Two issues: 1. Did not complete the install 2. The WORST customer service ever-Granville OH area 1. Did NOT complete the install-During the installation their technician told me he needed to return to swap out one of the pads and add the light switch. He called me a month later and said he had n't forgotten he was waiting ...

Does not respond to alarms

For nearly a year I have been trying to get ADT to fix a wireless alarm that sets itself by itself and goes off at all hours. When a serious alarm goes off such as detection of fire or breakin, there is no telephone call from ADT to verify whether there is a problem even though when I call them, they verify that they did ...

Burlington Coat Factory

Bought a play pen and as I was leaving the store loss prevention stops me. Ok check my reciept. Then I'm told I can't take the cart from the store. Well the lady that was right in front of me was allowed to. He tells me thats because she did not speak English and did not understand. Well no hablo and no Nintendo. ...

Run Local Lockamith
Thanks to Run Local Lockamith

I never thought I would have such amazingly beautiful photos of my wedding come up after development of the prints. Michal’s work is fantastic. His masterly wedding photography Sydney clicks left nothing to be desired. Truly professional…Great attitude…did not get annoyed at guests coming in the way and clicking for their shots. ...

Northstar Alarm Services
Deceptive Trade Practices

Did you get that dreaded knock on the door? “We really like your location here because you’re right in the middle of the street and lots of traffic goes by.” Or, “We love your yard because it’s well-kept and you’re right on the corner, so we’d like to advertise with this Northstar sign in your yard.” Chances are likely that ...