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Trend Micro
Unauthorized charges

Three years in a row, using an expired VISA debit card. Trend Micro has managed to charge me over $70.00 for a product I no longer use. When I asked how the heck this can go through my bank account I was told they guess at expired card dates... Unreal. For three years I have had to call and fight for my money back on a product ...

Bibb Security
Bad Customer Service

I do not recommend this company to anyone! My parents purchased the home security system from Bibb Security—hated poor customer service. A rude lady on the phone was very impatient and tried to dismiss my mother while she was asking questions. A couple months ago, we switched to a different company. ...

Brian Boots
Child molesto

This guy molest kids using remote control airplanes or cars He works as a security guard somewhere and fly his remote control toys at bushpilots in loxahachee Florida Beware this guy is a lier and a cheater Brian Boots like to molest hong kids Call the police if you see this guy with a kid ...

Non existant service

I had to have my phone company come to redo my phone system because ADT system interfered with my phones. They stopped working also my internet service would not work from the time the ADT system was installed. The people who sold us on this system would not return or answer calls. Then they had the wrong account number to ...

Customer service

Two issues: 1. Did not complete the install 2. The WORST customer service ever-Granville OH area 1. Did NOT complete the install-During the installation their technician told me he needed to return to swap out one of the pads and add the light switch. He called me a month later and said he had n't forgotten he was waiting ...

Does not respond to alarms

For nearly a year I have been trying to get ADT to fix a wireless alarm that sets itself by itself and goes off at all hours. When a serious alarm goes off such as detection of fire or breakin, there is no telephone call from ADT to verify whether there is a problem even though when I call them, they verify that they did ...