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ADT Pulse
Terrible Customer Service

Had a heartbeat program mounted in March 2011 after becoming an ADT client for a long time.individuals adding the machine didnot provide the best gear (and also the thermostat didnot function) and I was informed I Would be approached 24 hours later to complete mount. That procedure required until ...

Cancellation Policy

I've been an ADT Client for 6 years. I shifted this past year and believed I had been simply moving my support in one spot to another. Little did I understand, it restored my agreement for another three years. Today I'm shifting and that I won't... Have an alarm at my new location. ADT is receiving ...

Northstar Alarm
Deceptive Practices

Watch out for Northstar Alarm. Their agreements are extremely misleading as well as their objective would be to constantly secure you into long haul ideas even although you recognize your finish. Their support isn't the very best available. After praising a three-year dedication I named to stop the ...

Pinnacle Security
Preying on the Elderly

Do not start you door Devcon Security & Peak Protection really are a group. Search the horror stories on your own. DO NOT START YOU DOORWAY for these a higher stress door-to-door knockers. Our weak, aged, recently widowed friend was cheated by them only last month. They'd ADT for a long time ...