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Protection One
Fraud and cheating

When I had problems with their previously installed security system that left half my house unprotected, I was informed that it was an 'old system' and the hardware was no longer supported. They then tried to push me into installing a new system. I shopped around and found another service that could install a new system and ...

Goldy Locks
Scam and cheating

We hired Goldy Locks 3 times; the first was to change out locks in our new office. We had 5 locks installed - it took them less then a day and the bill was over $2,500.00. Because they were a customer I didn't want to question the invoice but I knew I could have purchased same locks for under $100 each. Goldy Locks charged us ...

Protection One
Rip off

Protection One Security has a 2 year contract that is written to make you think it's for 2 years, but if you don't cancel on your 2 year anniversary, or in my case they lost my cancellation request, Protection One Security will automatically renew contract continually in 1 year intervals. After 6 months of paying extra monthly ...

Platinum Protection
Terrible experience

Back in Sept of 2007, a Platinum Protection sales rep had come out to our house. They were giving Free Wireless Alarms away with a 2 year contract of service. They told me how much better their alarm was over my working existing alarm. I agreed to the new Alarm and service. 30 min after signing the contract a gentleman came to ...

Madison Security Group, Inc
Back Wages, A bull company

Front, the begnning of my employment and They started to pick on me, about what I carry (Backpack), of Tv Series, (Power Ranger), not only that, but also, If I was or am wearing the belief of the show, that I written in this page. Not, only of the problem, with the company. I being (2) company, that, they are not paying the ...