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Charles Farricielli | Mr. Charles Farricielli | CHARLIE FARRICIELLI
Fake, Scam Charles Farricielli | Mr. Charles Farricielli | CHARLIE FARRICIELLI

Charlie Farriciellli has been selling fake and duplicate PEMF8000 products along with his partner in crime Andrew Loose (AKA - Andrew Brooks) who is the owner of Five Brooks ranch and . There have been many cases reported by the people getting burnt and receiving electric shock. This seems like these ... | Charles Farricielli | Andrew Loose | Charles Farricielli | Andrew Loose | Fake, Scam, Fraud, Ripoff

Charlie Farriciellli has been roped in for selling fake PEMF products on his website, and on shopping websites such as Ebay. There are number of complaints coming from all over the country regarding fake supply of products which is leading people ether getting an electric shock or ...

Boris Shnaydman
Scam company

Company offering connection to network of investors and business owners for $49, 99 a month. It is a scam. Ones you paid you can not contact the company, no phone, no live chat, only contact us link. No response to your inquiries. Information on investors and business owners looks bogus and incomplete. ...