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Customer Service - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Dear Samsung Customer Service Representative: Few months ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone (GT-19250M; R21C8353LON) at Wind Mobile Store. For me it was the first product from your company, and, probably, it is going to be the last one. Unfortunately, after a month from the day of purchase, absolutely new phone has started experience a problem with a Touch Screen (at the moment of somebody%u2019s call the screen always stops functioning and the unlock movement does not unlock the screen. You can try to unlock it on and on without success.) It had a protective case on it, it did not fall at all - nothing happened to the item, it simply stopped working properly. Because the phone was on the warranty, I brought it back to Wind Mobile store (the place I got it). So, Wind was trying to repair the phone 3 times, and after every return, next 3-4 days, the screen stopped functioning again and I brought it back. My last visit, they said there is nothing they can do and I supposed to send it to a Samsung Corporation because it is under the warranty. And it was exactly what I have done. After few weeks I got my phone back from Samsung, and It had a huge scratch at the back of the phone the letter it said it was received this way which is impossible because the phone was sent by UPS and packed many-many-many times in packets and boxes. So instead of new phone, I got a scratched one now, and the screen is still not functioning properly. Seems like it was much easier for your technicians just sent it back without even touching it. Also, it seems that nobody wants to take a blame for the scratch at the back that%u2019s why it is easier just to put stamp that you got it this way. I am fully aware that there are many customers complaints come every day, and, probably, this one is not even going to touch your feelings. I am 60 years old man, and I cannot afford to buy a new smartphone for 600 $ every time when it has troubles, I had curtain expectations of quality of the product form Samsung. As a Customer Service Representative you have to be aware that one person has approximately of 15-17 people Scope of Influence. I will never buy any devices from your company anymore and I will tell everybody around. With the increased amount of unhappy customers, the company%u2019s reputation will go down significantly. Mouth-to mouth talk goes fast. Samsung will never beat Apple in the market with the costumer service like that. Apple change whole cell phone right a way if there is an issue. They do not send you all around and do not send a scratched phone back. We are in Canada and there are places where people can complain. I am sorry, but if nothing will be figured out about my phone (change the phone, change a panel, repair it again%u2026etc), then I have to protect my consumer rights, and I will write a complain to a Ministry Of Consumer Services. I will go on and on until some decision will come up. I understand it does not bother you much, but imagine your old father, grandfather or close relative got a product which stopped working properly after a month. I bet you father/grandfather would like to complain about that as well. And please, DO NOT send to me a standard template with the answer, such us %u201Cwe are sorry to hear it%u2026. We are sorry that you are dissatisfy with our service%u2026. Bla-bla-bla%u201D I have to see that my letter was read by a person, not a robot. Have some feelings please!!! Looking forward for some Actions from your side.

P.S. I hope you are going to get a wonderful day and you will never get the problem like me!

Offender: Samsung

Country: USA

Category: Mobile Phones


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