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DHL worldwide express (Gateway out of Omaha, NE)
Delivery Supervisor Chuck Chiddix

On 12-5-08 I was expecting a package from DHL Express out of Kansas City, MO. Our normal shipping driver named me and informed me that she didn't possess a bundle from me. She questioned what zipcode it orginated from and that I informed her. She advised me she'd create some telephone calls and obtain back with me. Some time later, I talked together with her again and he or she explained this 1 of another motorists had in error use it his shipping path vehicle and also the bundle was still in Kansas City, two hours apart. It was really unsettling as this bundle included payroll checks.

This distribution driver informed me in a discussion that she'd be prepared to fulfill me almost later within the day-to obtain the bundle in my experience. After discussing the problem using the operator of my organization we chose to document a with DHL, through their 800-number. I also had the contact title and quantity of the person within the Kansas City area, and so I thus named him. I told him this was an error by one of his true motorists which it had been a to myself and also the normal driver. He turned really furious and screamed' I understand what you F*ing need, I Will provide you-your f*ing check!". With he hung-up on me. I consequently approached the 800-number again and stuck another criticism. Some time later a DHL repetition from the title of Jim Davis named me back, I told him what had occurred and he was really apologetic. He explained that Throw was on his way along using the bundle/paycheck.

At 2:36 Chuck Chiddix reached my workplace. He put the cover along on my table and proceeded to shout the normal shipping driver would fulfill me later that day-to obtain the bundle in my experience. I told him that people spend DHL to supply something plus they fail miserably at it. Then he proceeded to shout more contacting me a liar and other activities. He condemned my office door closed and stomped down down the hall. By this time around additional companies in my own office building had turn out of the workplace to determine what all of the screaming was about. Everybody was somewhat amazed in the unprofessionalism and steps of Chuck Chiddix.

I again talked with Jim Davis from DHL and later within the evening a Rick Regal, (sp?) (who's the particular company of Chuck Chiddix from Entrance in Omaha Nebraska) called me. Entrance is just a company for DHL show. Rick R explained he had mentioned the very first event concerning the profanities about the telephone with Chuck Chiddix and he'd recognized nothing concerning the event that happened in my own workplace when Chuck Chiddix sent the bundle. He also apologised and stated that he believes that Throw is consumed with stress because of DHL flip and everybody dropping their careers. He explained when these were not dropping their careers in a couple weeks, he then might end him for this-but due to the standing of DHL, he'd not be doing this.

This however ISN'T ANY justification for Chuck Chiddix's conduct. Chuck may be the driver BOSS. What a good example he brings for that others.

I've noticed they personally twice today. I had been surprised after I first discovered he was a boss as he was really filthy and unkempt-looking

I understand that there has been motorists, namly a person from the title of Justin who worked within the Warrensburg, MO region until last friday, when he was release early, Justin previously continues to be stopped due to tossing deals while in the website. This wasn't within the existence of the client as Chuck Chiddixis was.

Also, Chuck Chiddix didn't provide me the reader to signal that I'd obtained the bundle, alternatively he closed their own title. He informed his boss he did so to be able to prevent a conflict. That's bull. While he strolled in my own doorway he was seeking a conflict

I'd like Chuck Chiddix to become repremanded and designed to apologise in my experience and also the people in my own office building who noticed his tirade.


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