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Value City Furniture
Poor Customer Service

June 1,2011 I bought $4100 worth of furniture from VCF. BIG MISTAKE! It is 7/6/2011 and I have yet to be able to get the rest of my furniture. With the exception of Sundays, I have talked daily and sometimes several times a day to this store and have yet been able to get the rest of my furniture. Very poor customer service. ...

Z Gallerie/Portico Mirror
Defective Product

After receiving a much admired mirror, it was purchased for me as a Christmas gift in 2009. The mirror is currently hanging in my dining room amongst many other Z Gallerie accessories. About four months ago I noticed smoking looking round circles on the front of the mirror. I spoke with the sales associates at the store and was ...

Ashley Furniture
Stay away

I had some furniture ordered back in the middle of May. I ordered a bed/mattress, futon couch, and a dresser. They told me the mattress and dresser would arrive June 4th, and the rest would come on the 18th. The mattress and dresser arrived on the promised date, but they kept postponing the date for my couch. Right now it's ...

Ait and switch

I was a loyal customer until the veil was lifted by the one being covered by it. I am now boycotting walmart... Those fuckers lie... They don't even price match their own store. Went to buy a patio set, found one for $150 it said also available in green... $300 thats 100% more for a different color. Went online there it was ...

Star Furniture
No delivery

I have worst experience of service from this company (star furniture). At least they finally deliver the goods to you, right? I have ordered a sofa set * coffee table from them, the sofa set was delivered to my home promptly, but you know what, I have to travel all the way to their sugei kedut factory to collect the coffee ...