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Dunkin Donuts
Horrible service

I went to a dunkin donuts at diversey kimball and milwaukee i think the address was 3427 w diversey and i had been going there for 5 YEARS!!! To find out one day i had asked... SHARON! To please put some more cream in my coffee and she put way to much where my coffee was cold and i asked her to please make it warm and then she ...

"caught stealing"

So, I walk into safeway like an average day. Buy a water and go back into one of the isles to check if they have something on sale. They don't so I walk out. On my way to my truck two gentlemen stop me and tell me to go back in and pay for the water I just stole. I go from a great mood to PISSED the FUCK off. So I go back in ...

SLOW Service

We decided to order a pizza tonight and placed the order at 8:20 pm on a Monday night thinking we would get a quick dinner. According to Dominos tracker, it has yet to leave the store and is currently being "quality checked" by Kelly, mind you it is now 9:15 pm... She spent 25 minutes making the pizza and after a quick bake she ...

Dunkin Donuts
Poor service

Well most of the time i go to the dunkin on cowesett west warwick r. I. They dont listen very well an mess up orders an huff under there breath to fix order come they get paid to make the coffee cant even do that right! ...

Attempted theft

Attempted theft!!! We have a Subway card that had a $30 credit. The hefty girl working had problems with the card and then another girl came over and whispered something to her. She then told us we only had $3 on the card. We walked out of the store and re-checked the balance at home, it has $30. My next couple hours will be ...