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Poor service

Dec 11,2011, 1220PM. I placed my order for an Angus Burger and a latte with skim. I was told they did not have skim, only fat-free. My wife then orders a hamburger and large sweet ice teak for my daughter, a nuggets meal for my son with sauce, and a quarter pounder meal for herself. Remember the meals come with a drink. She ...

Pizza Hut
Bad Service and Wrong Orde

I have several problems with the cross lanes pizza hut in west virginia. We have ordered at 4441 west washington st. For over 30 years. Recently due to “new management” they deliver when they want to at this address. I kept the receipts to prove it. That’s problem one. The one that got me mad as hell was what they did to me ...

Ad service

It took over 30 mins to recive our order after we ordered it. Theres was nobody in the drive thru or in the lobby and it still took forever. We waited for about 10 mins before asking about our food and the girl said oh yeah i need to cook fries. Really bad service will never go back ...

Poor customer service

Dec. 1,2011 @630pm Joni at the register asked what I want instead of what can I get u. I told her I want a #10 meal. Then when I get my order I don't have my fries so I asked the woman that put my order together she tried to say Joni didn't charge me for a meal when clearly Joni did. Joni messed up 3 more orders while I was ...

Taco Bell
Food Poisoning

I went here a couple nights ago I was craving taco bell, I've always ate at this taco bell since its right near my home. After eating I started to feel sick I have food poisoning now. It has been with me since. It's a shame really cause I love taco bell and now I'm banning taco bell all together. Alyssa ...