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Kentucky Fried Chicken
Bad Food

8:00pm on a Friday night, my wife, my daughter and I stopped by the KFC at Mobile Highway and Michigan to have dinner. I've always loved KFC chicken and several of thier sides, but tonight I ordered the 'Delicious Sandwich', my wife smartly ordered the two piece chicken, w / a couple sides and my daughter had an easy KFC ...

BAD customer service

All I have to say is that I was rudely treated from the start, the worker even snapped at me (the customer) and stupid me instead of saying something, I held it in and cried when I got outside, there was even a family that stared at the worker for treating me so badly, I am very mad, I even posted my discontent on Facebook so ...

Do not order from these people! They are a scam! No phone number to contact someone. No responses to online inquiries. They take your money and do not deliver. Buyer beware!!! ...