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Poor customer service

Dec. 1,2011 @630pm Joni at the register asked what I want instead of what can I get u. I told her I want a #10 meal. Then when I get my order I don't have my fries so I asked the woman that put my order together she tried to say Joni didn't charge me for a meal when clearly Joni did. Joni messed up 3 more orders while I was ...

Taco Bell
Food Poisoning

I went here a couple nights ago I was craving taco bell, I've always ate at this taco bell since its right near my home. After eating I started to feel sick I have food poisoning now. It has been with me since. It's a shame really cause I love taco bell and now I'm banning taco bell all together. Alyssa ...

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Bad Food

8:00pm on a Friday night, my wife, my daughter and I stopped by the KFC at Mobile Highway and Michigan to have dinner. I've always loved KFC chicken and several of thier sides, but tonight I ordered the 'Delicious Sandwich', my wife smartly ordered the two piece chicken, w / a couple sides and my daughter had an easy KFC ...