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Dunkin Donuts
Poor Service

Walked in when there were no other customers and was ignored by the one person wiping down the tables. When finally attended to, the attitude was cold and unfriendly. One would expect from a food service organization to be at the very least greeted and told someone would be with you in a moment, but instead it felt like I was ...

McDonald's Complaint
Condiments - Mustard

I went to a McDonald's restaurant today and ordered a McChicken sandwich. I asked if they could replace the mayo with mustard, and was informed that I had to pay an extra. 40 because the sandwich was not made with mustard. Are you kidding me? Really? Is this how we're rolling in America now? This was UNBELIEVABLE - no, this was ...

Burger King
Food poisoning

Ate the angus beef with extra tomato friday after noon the 19 Aug 2011. Had the zesty sauce with it. Oinion rings 2 hour later i was having chills and having small aches everywhere. Went to bed at 6pm. Took acetamenaphine took reduce the aches and something for the stomach. I was very weak and I threw up once a little. ...

EverPet basics

I found a chunk of molded dog food in the bottom of the bag! I am VERY upset with this I have two pictures of evidence dated on this date I sent this complaint; Thursday, August 18,2011. Please get back to me with something, thanks!!! Jasmine Brewe ...