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Buffalo Wild Wings
Crappy stupid female server

I Went to Buffalo Wild Wings on univ blvd in Orlando fl near Ucf. At night there was a very rude female server. She had long brown hair was thin and acted like a psycho. She smiled big too but In a psycho way such as she was trying to get attention or control ur attention. She'd repeat orders several times for no reason. This ...

Wendys degenerate workers
Wendy's hires monkeys

I went to the Wendy's located on Mitchell hammock rd in Oviedo fl. I placed an order for one drink. The workers there claimed they could not hear me which is funny because everyone at every other drive-through can hear me fine. Also you could tell they were lying just to try to piss me off or bring me down or single me out. ...

Sales are a scam IMHO

Every time there is a good sale on meat, they have very little of it and sell out quickly. If you get a rain check, they then make sure they do not restock for more than 30 days while they wait for all of the rain checks expire. This has happened dozens of times. I have complained repeatedly. It's a scam IMHO. They had $1 ...

Thai fuku
Rude abusive crazy thai workers

Thai fuku is located in cocoa beach fl Beware of this place—it is atrocious. They are nothing short of abusive to customers and bully and pick on them. I was bullied for ten minutes straight by every staff member here for asking for extra sauce, I was a good customer... For being a loyal good customer i was accused of ...