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Burger King
Food poisoning

Ate the angus beef with extra tomato friday after noon the 19 Aug 2011. Had the zesty sauce with it. Oinion rings 2 hour later i was having chills and having small aches everywhere. Went to bed at 6pm. Took acetamenaphine took reduce the aches and something for the stomach. I was very weak and I threw up once a little. ...

EverPet basics

I found a chunk of molded dog food in the bottom of the bag! I am VERY upset with this I have two pictures of evidence dated on this date I sent this complaint; Thursday, August 18,2011. Please get back to me with something, thanks!!! Jasmine Brewe ...


I've went there many times. This was the first time I ever experienced racial issues while @ the IHOP on Slauson/Western. I will never go back there again. ...

Dunkin Donuts
Horrible service

I went to a dunkin donuts at diversey kimball and milwaukee i think the address was 3427 w diversey and i had been going there for 5 YEARS!!! To find out one day i had asked... SHARON! To please put some more cream in my coffee and she put way to much where my coffee was cold and i asked her to please make it warm and then she ...

"caught stealing"

So, I walk into safeway like an average day. Buy a water and go back into one of the isles to check if they have something on sale. They don't so I walk out. On my way to my truck two gentlemen stop me and tell me to go back in and pay for the water I just stole. I go from a great mood to PISSED the FUCK off. So I go back in ...

SLOW Service

We decided to order a pizza tonight and placed the order at 8:20 pm on a Monday night thinking we would get a quick dinner. According to Dominos tracker, it has yet to leave the store and is currently being "quality checked" by Kelly, mind you it is now 9:15 pm... She spent 25 minutes making the pizza and after a quick bake she ...