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My name is Adam A and I am a member of LVAC. I have been a member for a few years on and off now. Recently I had a child who is coming up on one years old in a few days.

I went to LVAC a few weeks ago (a few days before thanksgiving) and dropped off my child cooper, at the LVAC daycare. While working out I watched cooper on the TV monitors the whole time I was working out. I noticed while I was watching him and working out that my son was in the swing the whole time (why a 1 year old is in a swing is beyond me) and he was trying to get out most of the time. I noticed that 2 women who worked at LVAC were in the corner talking most of the time when they should have been watching my son. Every so often one lady would walk over the the swing and push the swing to move it and have it swing, then she would walk back tot he corner and talk to the lady with her back to my son. (I took a picture of this with my phone) After 25-30 minutes someone came to me and said I needed to come to the work out area because Cooper was crying. When I arrived in the day care center I noticed the women talking (still) and my son crying out loud. The one lady then walked to the swing and took him out of the swing. (Now this is where the problem starts)

I asked they lady if she took my son out of the swing and played with him or held him. She said "Oh yes, we played with him, and held him and he did not stop crying" I said "I ask you again, and please do not lie to me" and which time she said yes she did play with him. I asked to speak to the manager and she said "They all said they played with him" Now remember the whole time I was watching this on the TV monitor. NO ONE at anytime ever went to play with him at all or hold him and kept a 1 year old in a swing and they all lied about it. I told them I would like to have the tapes pulled and have them reviewed because they are all not telling the truth.

I called LVAC to complain about what happened, and was told someone would get back to me. No one did for weeks. I then called again, and no call the next day. I called the LVAC manager and he then called the office and had someone call me. I asked to watch the tapes and they would NOT watch the tapes with me OR tell me what they saw on the tapes. I asked to have my membership canceled and they said no, but would take the day care off of my membership. I am NOT able to work out without putting my son in day care there, and I will NOT put my son back in the play room. Why is this a big deal... Simple, If they are going to lie about holding my son and playing with him and say they attended to his needs, then they would lie about bigger problems that may come if (god forbid if they did come up) I can not trust them to watch my son, they left him in a swing and let him cry while they were talking in a corner and not attending to him. What if he was running a fever and it was spiking to a high temp and did not tell me he felt warm because he was not attended to. They left him with there back turned to him and just let him cry while I was paying money to ensure his safety and to have my sons needs attended to and not just be left alone and then cover up saying they did do something.

This is about them ling and not doing there jobs and letting kids go unnoticed while they talk and cover up. Who knows if I was not watching and something serious did happen, then what... Could this be going on with other kids where they are just left if swings and let to cry for 30 mins or so while nothing is being done.
I do have a picture of this on my phone, and will show you, however they will not give me ANY info on what they saw on the tapes or watch them with me. Why not???

Please get back to me and let me know if you can PLEASE help me. THis is NOT NOT NOT just about me, but the true safety of ALL kids at the LVAC day care.
Thanks agian

Contact information:

Offender: Las Vegas Athletic club

Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las Vegas
Address: 2655 S. Maryland parkway ste 201
Phone: 7027348944

Category: Sports


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