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Las Vegas Athletic club
Lvac not living up to contract

Hello: My name is Adam A and I am a member of LVAC. I have been a member for a few years on and off now. Recently I had a child who is coming up on one years old in a few days. I went to LVAC a few weeks ago (a few days before thanksgiving) and dropped off my child cooper, at the LVAC daycare. While working out I watched ...

Las Vegas Athletic Club
LVAC reported me to credit bureau less than 30 days after I wrote my cancellation letter and refuses to release me from my contract due to my relocation out of state

I am glad I googled LVAC, consumer protection laws today and was amazed to see the number of people writing to consumer complaints about this gym. I wonder how many people have had problems with LVAC? I had deaths in my family end of May-early June and I packed up from Vegas and closed down my life within 2 weeks, including ...