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Complaint / Review
Monksberry Farm and Kennel
Beware, Horrible, Puppy Mill, Liars, Disguise Houston

Monksberry Farm and Kennels will lie and state that their facilities been inspected by a so called licensed Veterinarian, AKC, and USDA. These people strictly do not handle their puppies at all only when taking pictures and making videos to make it look like they do on their fraudulent website. I received a puppy that was not socialized at all. You could tell he had been confined in a cage with very little human interaction!

Puppies are not supposed to be skittish or shy! A well socialized puppy should adjust swiftly into his new surroundings with no problems! I noticed that they also always have puppies readily available that's a red flag a RESPONSIBLE breeder only have one to two litters per year and usually have you on a waiting list like one reviewer mentioned. I was told lies and their website does not look professional at all compared to other Professional breeders. Having a certificate stating AKC inspection of Kennel excellence and USDA Inspection do not mean anything people!

The USDA does a horrible job when inspecting Commercial Breeders, know your facts. Do not buy from these people they basically sugar coat everything with fake looking pictures on their fraudulent website! They are truly a puppy mill in disguise!

They also sell SEVERAL other breeds other than the ones advertised on their website so beware! A reputable breeder only breeds one to two dog breeds not TEN or more different breeds. They breed Scottish Terriers, Brussels Nose Griffons, Bichons, Toy Poodles, Daschunds, Chinese Crested, Norwich Terriers, Bouvier des Flandres, Masstiffs, Saint Benards, and more. Do not buy a puppy from them at all. I received puppy that have a horrible ear crop job! I firmly believe they cropped the ears of those poor puppies themselves, not by a LICENSED VET!

I could not even Google search the address, or number of the veterinarian used to crop the puppy ears! I am just so upset! They are not responsible breeders! They need their licensed to run a kennel revoked! Only
buy from responsible breeders of merit! None of their large breed dogs are X-Rayed for their hips and elbows and are not OFA certified, and none are CERF certified for eyes, thyroid, and etc. They need to be run out of business. I did everything right, I asked tons of questions about their facilities, and etc. They will lie to you!


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