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Suddenlink Home Security
No fire/smoke protection even though told for 2 years I had such

I ordered suddenlink services in December 2010 with all available services bundled (phone, tv, internet, home security). There were multiple issues starting with the install, such as 1200-1400 appointment and he shows up at 1725. Then when I actually could get the alarm installed, first tech out tried to extort me to the tune of $700 when I was quoted $99 for the install.

My house is custom construction with EVERY door and window in the house with a security sensor already on them and smoke detectors already installed in the home (also part of TX fire/building code). Master junction box and key pad were also already installed by the builder. When I told the tech I was calling suddenlink to get this straightened out, he left, never to be heard from again.

Over the course of the next 18 months, I had two instances where the smoke detectors went off due to a small fire in my house at Christmas 2011 and then again during Christmas 2012 with a over-smoking (best description) fire in the fireplace. No phone call, no nothing from suddenlink. I called later from Burkina Faso about another issue with the security system and brought up the Christmas fire and asked why no response from the monitoring center. I was told they would send a tech out to make sure it was functioning properly. Tech did show up and I got a phone call (at my expense on my cell phone in Burkina Faso) that it was functioning properly.

Fast forward to early December 2012 when I had a fire in the fire place start smoking and fill the house. The alarms all went off, this time for 12-15 minutes before we could get the alarms off and the smoke cleared. Once again, no response from anyone. I called the VIP line and asked why no response. I was told "I don't know".

After multiple calls, with each call getting a different answer to my questions, I started asking for a supervisor as soon as I could get a human on the line. Over the course of approximately a week, I spoke to three people who identified themselves as supervisors..."Chase", Galen Parker, and Sean Woods. None of the three supervisors followed through on much of anything they said they would, even after sending me a email stating what they were going to do. The only time I ever heard from anyone was when I CALLED THEM to find out. Sean Woods, who is one of the home security supervisors, even went so far as to set up a appointment for a tech to come out again. However, as Sean is one of the home security division supervisors, I find it incredulous that even he did not know that Suddenlink is not licensed or certified for fire/smoke detection in north central Texas.

25 minutes before my appointment time (according to the automated system at suddenlink), a "John" called and stated he was canceling my appointment (after I had been sitting around my house all day waiting) and not only that, but the reason was that Suddenlink was not even licensed or certified for fire/smoke protection in north central Texas. This was the first time ANYONE at suddenlink had told me this in 18 months.

This totally contradicts the suddenlink commercials and website and everything I had been told (lied to about) for 18 months. The following is directly from sudddenlink's own webpage FAQs about their home security. Notice it does not say that only in certain areas are certain features available. Also notice that it specifies "burglary or fire" in the "How it works" FAQ. Notice they specify "All of our staff is state licensed"" in the FAQ about how long suddenlink has been doing home security. Also notice that if the alarm needs to be serviced, a "trained and licensed local tech" will come take care of it. All of this amounts to fraudulent advertising see the FAQs here:

Http://help. Aspx

I have boldfaced/underlined the appropriate areas of the FAQ to pinpoint the fraud. As mentioned earlier, nowhere on the home security pages of suddenlink does it say that fire/smoke is a "option" (only option is the video camera monitoring), nor does it say "not available in all area" or anything to that effect. To verify what I have copied and pasted from the FAQ page about home security as follows:

How is professional security monitoring with Suddenlink different from having a working alarm in my home?
A working alarm will sound a siren if there is an intrusion. If you are home, you will hear the sound and can call 9-1-1. However, a professional monitoring operator will respond whether or not you are at
home and take the appropriate action. With Suddenlink Home Security,
you are guaranteed that someone is supporting you 24 hours a day - 365 days a year.

Suddenlink is a cable company, when did they get into the Home Security business?
Suddenlink Security is not new. We have been professionally monitoring Texas homes for over 20 years. Our Suddenlink
Security monitoring center was one of the first to receive UL certification in Texas. All our staff is state licensed. Our customer service is superior.

How does Suddenlink Home Security Work?
Communication between your Suddenlink security system and the Suddenlink Security monitoring center begins with the connection of your security master panel, security system devices, and a telephone connection device in your home. Communication from your home to the Suddenlink Security monitoring center works over your telephone
lines in most cases. If an alarm situation occurs, such as a burglary or fire, your system is designed to communicate a "signal" to the Suddenlink Security monitoring center. When an alarm signal occurs, it is because a specific device or sensor has been interrupted or tripped.
When this happens the device is designed to communicate with the main box or control panel in your home.
Once the control panel receives the signal, your system is designed to seize your telephone line and send a signal over that
telephone line to the Suddenlink Security monitoring center.

This signal can then be received via computer by a trained monitor, who will follow a procedure specific to the type of alarm signal received. What happens next may include an associate calling your home to determine if the alarm was accidentally activated, or to determine the type of assistance that you need. Calling to confirm helps prevent
false alarm fines or penalties to you from your local city agencies.
The Suddenlink Security monitoring center may also notify the
proper authorities and the individuals on your emergency contact list so that they can get in touch with you.

What if my alarm needs to be serviced?
Suddenlink has trained and licensed local technicians that will be able to come to your home to service the alarm.

At one point, Sean Woods told me my contract had N/A next to where it states how many smoke detectors were installed by suddenlink and I initialed next to it. I told him, "That is correct, as they were already installed with leads running to the junction box by the builder, just like the window and door sensors".

Right now, I am investigating all available options, including legal for fraud and I will never recommend suddenlink to anyone. I am also prior military, as is my father (who was there for the Christmas incident 2011) and I will be contacting the Air Force Sergeants Association and my father has offered to do the same for the Air Force Officers Association, as he is a retired major general.

I was offered 2 months of service for all of the hours and expense ($4.99/minute cell phone calls from Burkina Faso), that magically turned into one month during a phone call from Galen Parker last week. The rest of the time, the customer "service" has been horrendous. As soon as Celina grows a bit more and I have options, I will most likely not be a suddenlink customer for anything, nor will I ever recommend them regardless of my status with them. As soon as there is a provider for internet that is faster that 10 Meg down and 1 Meg up, I am gone completely.

Offender: Suddenlink Home Security

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Celina
Phone: 8888225151

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