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David Chambless
Stressful and unpleasant experience!

I am writing this letter of complaint in the sincere hopes that I can receive justice and closure due to the stressful and unpleasant ordeal I and my family have faced, of recent. The issues I speak to surround the company United Home Mortgage and specifically the branch Vice President, David Chambless, audit # MBO655436. The ...

Countrywide Home Loans
PMI remove problem

I currently pay over 30$ a month for Payment Mortgage Insurance for a home loan that was 80,000 at time of loan. When I was closing on loan, loan officer said "PMI will be removed when remainder of loan is 80% or less of home value." Within 2 years, the value of house had exceeded that amount. I asked Countrywide to remove ...

Sundial Homes
No school, no premium

We bought our home and paid a premium because we were backing on to a future school site. After 4 years, the school board decided not to build the school there. The builder now is planing over 40 homes in this area. We did not receive the premium we paid to have this lot. To add insult to injury, in our new home, one of the ...

HSBC Mortgage Services
Contract Problem

My son put a contract on a house and property for sale by Caldwell banker agent representing HSBC the end of June, 2006. The contract was accepted and ernest money put down. My son paid the $400 for the appraisal and waited. Now, the end of October, he is still waiting. As it turned out, there were leans against the property ...