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We were approached by Joseph Wilk who stated that he could save us money on our credit card processing. After looking over our past credit card processing statements he said that he could save about eight hundred to a thousand dollars per month with his credit card system. Joseph told us that he has a credit card machine that will process all credit cards that are debit cards as debit cards, which would only cost 25 cent per transaction, and not 2.5% of the amount of the transaction. Joseph was asked three time to clarify that a customer would not have to use has pin number on a credit/debit card, and that card would be only processed as a debit card. He said yes every time. This was why we would save so much money each month. This never happen.

After the machine was installed, we started having commutation problem with the credit card dialing out to process a transaction. At first the machine would have redial two or three times to process the transaction. I called Joesph and he said that he would slow the machine down so it could dial out correctly. He returned to the store and stated that he slowed the unit down, but we would have to run a full down load at the end of the day to update the settings. So, at the end of the we did just that, but the problem remained the same. We then called the credit card processor company and told them our dial out problem. After numerous calls with the processing company tech support they stated that the phone line or the machine was broken. So we called our phone company to come in and check out phone line, and they found no problem with the line. During this process we kept calling Joesph Wilk for help. Joesph was responsive during this period, but the problem got worst as time went along. During this time the machine had to dial out about 8 – 10 times to process one transaction.

Our company received it first full month of credit card processing bill, and we did not receive the saving as promised by Joesph Wilks. This was the first time that we found out that the machine was really no doing what is was suppose to do, which was to save money. We called Joseph and he told us that he would pay our termination fee from our previous credit card processing company. He never did. Joesph came into our store and I showed him that he was costing us about 3.25% per month for his credit card system. We were only paying 2.2% per month with our old processing company. He looked over the statement and told us that this was a mistake and he would credit us back the over charge and pay for the cancellation fee from out previous processor. Joseph went on to tell us that he was going to give us a check reader which would help us save more money each month to help make up for all the problems. He said that we would see a charge of $99 a month in our bank account each month, but we would see a credit of $99 a month on our credit card statement to off set the bank account charge. None of this ever happen. Joesph then came in to our store and switched out the credit card machine, but it had the same problem as the other one. After this Joseph Wilks never returned one single phone call, or has been seen from again.

At that point we called the processing company, and they told us that they had numerous problems with Joseph Wilks. The processing company told us that they would let out of there credit card processing contract, and wave there termination fee, and they wanted nothing to do with Joesph. The processing company told us that Joesph claim of the credit card equipment being able to process debit cards as credit cards were a false statement. After hearing this and still having a problem with dial out. Our business was now be affected by long lines at our check out counter we had to switched back to our old credit card company.

When we went back to our original company we found out that they had numerous customers that had the same scam pulled on them as well. So we googled Joseph Wilks name and found many people having the same problem with Joesph Wilks. Along this entire process we were continuing to call Joesph Wilks but never got a single call back.

We decided to retain a attorney to get our money back from this guy, and prevent him from doing this to more people. We give the attorney our security video from our check out counter, which clearly shows that we asked him three times that his machine does what he claimed it did, and he responded yes it does. Joesph Wilk sold us a machine that does not do what he said it does. It's like buying a car that suppose to get 40 miles to a gallon and its only gets 7 miles to the gallon as our lawyer told us.

Anyone who is approached by Joesph Wilk for any any business matter should run away as fast as you can.

Right now we are looking for anyone who is interested in joining us to stop Joesph Wilk scam.

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