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Norther Leasing System INC
Joseph Sussman Forge my Signature, Breached their own 90 days trial contract, Overcharge, Stolen Identity, Fraud, Deceit

I was entered to a contract that inver SIGNED on a 90days trial basis and was supposed to be charged $90.00/month for the term of trial in which turned to 150,00 and went on more fees. The Contract was never signed aand my my signature was wrongly forged and they manged to obtaid a judgement without my presence and suing me ...

MBF Leasing
They leased me a credit card machine with the understanding that I had 48 hours to change my mind and when I called in 24 hours noone would return my call I consistantly called and noone would return

I leased a credit card machine from mbf leasing with a legal period of 48 hours to change my 24 hours I tried to contact the company rep to tell him that I wasn't satisfied and I had changed my mind however I could not get a return phone call. When the rep finally got back to me he informed me that I was past the 48 ...

Northern Leasing Systems, Inc
Wants Settlement to discontinue $42/mo lease for a $99 product. Have already paid approx $1200 for this product

My credit card processing company, Transfirst in Colorado, called me in June 2009 to tell me that my current processing terminal was outdated and that I need to update to a current terminal to prevent hacking. By law, they said. They offered me a monthly lease for a terminal that they said cost over $2000. I signed up for a 48 ...

Northen Leasing Company
False info

This company told me I could use my machine for both checks and credit cards about 2 years ago. When I received the machine, I noticed it looked like a regular credit card machine. When I called and talked with someone about it. They told me it does not handle checks. I explained to them I know and what was told to me. When ...