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Complaint / Review
Sherrill R. Fulbright
Because my wife was a different race and she couldnt have me, she kept son, sued 16 yrs late

I fathered a child back in 1984 while still a Junior in High School. From the time the child was conceived through to 16 years later I had no parental rights. Both of the mothers parents made great money by working for Campbell Soup, Paris, Texas. To help them cheat on their taxes, they left the name of the father (ME), off of the birth certificate so they could claim another dependant since they made so much money. I had doubts about the pregnancy all along because I had been careful.

Then Sherrill Fulbright dropped a bomshell by confessing to my own mother that she pricked holes in the condoms she kept so she could keep me by getting pregnant. "As God is my witness this is the honest truth. Still, for 16 years I was allowed no contact because Sherrill Fulbright was racially jealous because I had married an italian woman.

Then, out of the blue, in January I received a call from her saying our son Kiedrick, was having teenage male issues. I asked her how on Earth did she expect him to respect me or listen to me when she had made him think I was a deadbeat dad for the past 16 years. She got angry and soon found out I worked for the Postal Service from my March I received a certified letter telling me I was being sued! I couldnt believe it. For all I knew I wasnt even the father because all I had to go on was a crzy claim she had told my mother that she had pricked holes in the box of condoms she kept at her home because she knew our relationship was soon coming to an end.

I replied to the letter and asked for a paternity test and requested that if I were indeed the father that I be allowed to see him. I also requested a correct change of address because the address the certified letter had been sent to belonged to my father-in-law and my family had briefly stayed there after I received a medical discharge from the military.

To make a long story short, my address correction was not acknowledged, the case went to court without my knowing the court date and I found myself over $25,000 in debt from being sued for 16 years backpay. The interest on the retro was 35% and the interest on the actual was 20%. No this isn't a misprint! 35% and 20%. The $25,000 ballooned to over $48,000 where it stayed from 2000 through 2005 when the laws started to change and drop the interest and the number of years a person can go back and receive retro. FOR ME, THOUGH, THE DAMAGE WAS DONE.

In August my wages began to be garnished for $651.00 a month. I was already paying child support for a son from my first marriage and raising two children with my wife of 19 years. There was no regard whatsoever for my family. If your reading this, imagine someone taking $651.00 off your table before you are able to buy one school supply, one sack of bread or one dollar for gas. We lost our home, both cars, our good credit, we fell behind on every bill we had, creditors kept calling and even coming to our door demanding their car payments, our electricity got turned off twice, I got in debt with multiple payday loan companies and worst of all, having already been discharged from the military for arithritic conditions and migraines, I lost my health.

Here it is going on 9years later, I've paid over $45,000 in child support but as I said because of such high interest the first five years, I still owe over $30,000. Kiedrick, my son, has been out of his mothers house for 5 yrs, been married for 4 yrs and living in Houston, Texas and still thinking his father never gave a dam about him. My son from my first marriage whos name is Chevis, informed me that Sherrill Fulbright constantly brags on how I support her Bingo trips. Now this is where reality gets to the disbelief stage. Chevis informed me that my own mother has a serious gambling problem (which I knew already) and to get in good with her, Sherrill had been funding my mothers gambling trips most every weekend to something called "CHOCTAW BINGO". This is why I am submitting my story.

I am a disabled veteran with a 70% disability rating. Im also as loving and caring a father as a child could have. I live in so much pain each day from the arthritis that in 2008 alone I've missed over 200 hours of work already. My family has had to move four times already due to rent issues. I struggle to keep a straight face and cheerful disposition in front of the kids, family and co-workers; but when I think of the treachery of my own mother befriending this cruel woman who has abused the system made to help and support people like single mothers it just disgusts me. "I am a good man. A great husband and father but I got railroaded by the system and labeled a deadbeat dad unfairly.

This monster of a woman is sitting at home, ridiculing the system, blowing almost $500.00 a month of blood money in bingo halls while my family has to deal with not knowing what horrors tomorrow will bring. This was never about the best interst of a child. This was racial jealousy of a vindictive nature. I know Im not the only parent out here who has had their persuit of happiness robbed from them. Please tell my story. I honestly believe it is one for the headlines. To have gone from a safe, happy home in a nice community to an 1100 sq ft apt, a loss of over $45,000 and counting, 7 knee surgeries and counting and having a son think you didnt want anything to do with him which couldnt be further from the truth is nothing less than absolutely criminal and my family is still being "Ripped Off"!!!

Offender: Sherrill R. Fulbright

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Paris
Address: 440 7th St NE

Category: Miscellaneous


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