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Complaint / Review
WarranTech Warranty Company
Consumer Report

On or about this date, I took my car, an XGS350 Hyaundai, to the local Hyanudai Dealership to be serviced. This was the first time I had decided to use the warranty that I had been paying on for some 14 months. I had previously had my car serviced and paid for all repairs out of pocket. The Dealership compiled a list of items that needed to be repaired with the transmission being the most urgent on its list. The Dealership called WarranTech and informed them of the repairs and WarranTech immediately refused to make any of the repairs. The Dealership called me and asked that I bring a copy of my contract and what is supposed to be covered by this warranty out to them so that they could talk again with the warranty company. After receiving a copy of the contract and what it covered, the Dealership called the warranty again, disclosing what it had found in my contract and what was supposed to be covered. The warranty company again, turned down all repairs. The Dealership called me and I picked up my car from them without any of the work being done. I had the oil changed, the fluids changed in the radiator and my tires rotated after picking up the vehicle during the months of December and January. On January 15,2013, I went out around 7:00 am. Est. And cranked the car to allow the engine to warm up, as I always do every morning. After the temperature indicator showed that the engine was warm, I got in to go take my neice to work. I picked up my neice and started on to her job, when, suddenly the transmissions made a loud noise. I slowly moved along trying to hear where the sound was coming from and what it could have been, as I am somewhat mechanically inclined. The transmission immediately stopped shifting and was making a loud the process, the water pump which is housed onto the transmission went out. I called WarranTech and spoke with one of its customer care people and they instructed me to get the car to the local Hyaundia dealer and have them call the warranty company when it was taken in. I immediately had the car taken to Sport Durst Hyaundai and they inturn called the warranty company. The spokesman for Sport Durst called me back and told me that the warranty people gave me two alternatives; (1) they would locate a rebuilt transmission for Sport Durst to put in place of the original transmission in my car; I would have to pay for any gaskets or seals that would be needed because the contract warranty only covered the transmission and labor for putting just the transmission in; (2) or, I could pay some $800 dollars, get a new transmission and also have to pay for any gaskets or seals needed to install the new transmission. This was not an option! That is the reason for paying for a warranty! If the car should have major problems, it would be covered by the warranty. I had already been without a car by now for 4 days and counting. I contacted Ms. Becky Phillips and voiced my grievances and concerns, but she told me there was nothing she could do. This being the second encounter with this warranty, I was holding on to the two last payments for the contract to see if they would try to help before spending money or giving money, rather, to a company who insisted on not paying for repairs to my the meantime, Ms. Phillips learned that 2 more payments were due, one being past due and the other coming into late status within the next four days. The Finance company decided to cancel the contract the very next day that it was due but instead, cancelled the contract the day before it became overdue. I went online to make the payments and could not access my account. I called my sister, who is the secondary driver of this vehicle, and she asked for Ms. Phillips' number. From this point, my sister will tell what has happened since January 29th. I, Gwendolyn Hudson, called Ms. Phillips and expressed our desire to get the car fixed and she informed me that there were two payments due on the car. I told her that we had gone online on the 28th of January to make the payments and the contract had been cancelled. Ms. Phillips told me that she would call Paylink, who is the finance company, and have them to reinstate the contract. She did just that and I made the two payments online on January 31st at ll: a40 A.M. (est). The two days prior to making the payments, I called the finance company and could not get an answer or anyone to return my call after leaving messages for someone to call me regarding this matter. When I questioned Ms. Phillips regarding the avoidance, she stated that the contract was in my brother's name and that would be the only person they would talk with. My brother took the phone and gave them permission to discuss this matter with me, as I could better understand the business factors of the matter. He also told them that I would be the person handling this matter in his stead. At that point, Ms. Phillips acknowledged that she could indeed discuss this with me now that she had been given permission by my brother. I told her that if we could not get complete satisfaction with positive results, I will began a legal procedure against her company. She informed me that I would have to sue her company as well as Cardinal Car Care and Paylink Payment LLC. I thanked her for that bit of information because I was unaware of the fact that they were all in business together.
We were given a rental car for three days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, returning the car on Monday. Sport Durst extended the rental agreement because they said the transmission would not be in their possession until the 4th of February, which was 2 days later, and they would need 16 working hours to put it in the car. The transmission arrived on the 4th and the technician for Sport Durst put it in the car. Upon completion, the inspector for the warranty company came and test drove the car, at which time, I am told by the Sport Durst representative, the engine started ticking because the transmission sent to Sport Durst by the warranty company was not good and the inspector was driving the car which may now have a blown engine. Sport Durst is quite displeased with the attitude and working relationship of this warranty company and say they will not release the car because it is not repaired. We are in worst condition now that the motor is ticking and we still do not have a car. The warranty company has refused to rent another car for us for any period of time. The car they did rent for us, we ended up paying for the additional two days of rental out of our pockets. This matter has become exceptionally frustating and quite expensive on our part in that we have finished paying for a warranty that will not be honored by the warranty company.

Offender: WarranTech Warranty Company

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Bedford   ZIP: 76021
Address: 2200 Highway 121, Ste 100
Phone: 8177855588, 8002282731

Category: Miscellaneous


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