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Country Springs Apartments
AMC Management Management Leaves You Almost Speechless

The management is the absolute worst. I have never cursed so much in my life than in dealing with the management. The apartments are beautiful but NOT WORTH IT. When I was trying to sell my contract, the nice sweet management team turned into my competition and they are absolutely ruthless and have the upper hand. How do you compete when they can change the prices and the rules whenever they feel like it? I realized too late that I was sending everybody who was interested in my lease to the office, only to be stolen by them. I then had to literally walk to the office to make sure they weren't offered a "better deal" once they got there. You would think that their very lives are on the line if they don't make their quota.

I had two people interested at the same time, walked both of them in for an application on a Saturday. They couldn't process them until Monday. On Monday when one of them fell through I was told too bad, I couldn't use the other one because they had already chosen an apartment. When I called back a day later to double check that, I was told that I COULD have switched, that it hadn't been too late, only NOW it was too late because it was past the 48 hour time frame to do so. And oh yeah, "Can you tell those other people that their application fee is nonrefundable, even though we couldn't process them on Saturday?" Seriously?

Bobby from the office told me that selling an apartment is like a game. You may be surprised to go in and find out that gosh, there are only one or two available so you better hurry! Or even better, you just missed the last one and now you have to wait a few days. The sign in the office says, "Remember, the apartment you looked at today may be gone tomorrow!" This is all a game. This is a huge complex and they always have magical openings. They do a great job of creating an urgency and desire to buy before it's too late. I think that thinking of it as a "game" makes them feel better about having to constantly lie all the time. They can't even keep their stories straight. It will drive a person mad.

There are fees for EVERYTHING. When they tell you that water is $20 a month, that is not true. Plan on $45 a month for water—even if you never turn the water on. Huh? The pool key is $10. There's fines for every little nit picky thing they can find. And then when you move out, not only do you not get any money back from your "holding fee" but you actually have to PAY to have the carpet cleaned. That's just the start of the move out fees.

I feel horrible for all the people that I ever referred there, thinking it was a great place before I really had to deal with management. After the whole fiasco with handing them over a renter that I worked so hard to get, I said at the VERY LEAST let me have the referral bonus for referring them. Mindy said, "Oh sure, of course!" And we signed the little form which would give me $300 after the renter stayed for 45 days in good standing. I asked Bobby, "Well how will I get my money if I don't live here?" She said, "Oh, don't worry about it. We have your new address and will forward that check to it." So I thought well I guess that will help me forget this horrible 2 month ordeal.

So today I call in for my referral bonus, and surprise! Oh no, I don't qualify. I have to be a current resident.

Thank you, Country Springs, for reminding me WHY I AM GLAD TO BE RID OF YOU.

Offender: Country Springs Apartments

Country: USA   State: Utah   City: Orem
Address: 625 South Orem Blvd
Phone: 8012265276

Category: Miscellaneous


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