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Joann Enchaustegui
Child & Youth Services of York County, PA Attacks Grandmother in

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A grandmother in York, PA had a daughter who was stabbed to death by her boyfriend. The daughter leaves behind a young child. The father of this child was the boyfriend and he is incarcerated. The child only knows the mothers side of the family. The grandmother took care of this child by babysitting her on a daily basis prior to her mothers death. The sister to the daughter that was stabbed (Aunt) decided she wanted custody of the child. Child and Youth Services (CYS) stepped in and gave custody to the Aunt. They did not do a full report on the Aunt or else they would have found she has mental health concerns for years now and in the past was a prostitue.

In the meantime, the grandmother wanted custody and Child and Youth Services is against the grandmother for whatever reason. CYS stated in a court of law that the grandmothers son had a criminal record and that would prevent her from receiving custody of the grandchild. The son does not have a criminial record and went and got all of his clearances including FBI and gave them a copy to prove it. Finally the grandmother received visitation rights after going to the Director of CYS for assistance. Prior CYS wanted to shut the grandmother out of the childs life.

By the way, the Aunt that received the custody never wanted any involvement in this childs life prior. But when she found that she would be receiving a monthly amount for being the caretaker from CYS and contacted her deceased sisters employer regarding 2 life insurance policies, she is definelty in it for the money and told the family she would be receiving all money. The Aunt took charge when her sister died and even wanted to do the cheapest thing and cremate her sister. The child every time she comes to the grandmothers house for visitation tells the grandmother and other family that the Aunt and her other Aunt are hitting her as well as her cousins and her Aunts boyfriend.

She has reported to be hit with a shoe, by hand and with a belt. She has a scar on her from being beat. Each instance has been reported to her Guardian ad letum and to CYS and nothing has been done to stop this. The child has even reported to the judge that her Aunt strikes her and the judge told the Aunt it is to stop and he doesn't want to hear any more of this. Though it is reported nothing continues to be done. The Aunt, the case worker at CYS and the counselor involved are a TEAM and are all against the grandmother. The child keeps telling us that she is being hit. We advised her to talk to her counselor about it.

She told her counselor and the counselor has turned this on the grandmother. Together, the counsel, caseworker and Aunt have put together a report stating the child has stomach pains at school, that the child has hit her cousins and that the child has "SHUTDOWN" therefore the grandmothers visitation has been revoked at her house. They blame the grandmother for this. The grandmother can now only visit the child for an hour each week at CYS while in their presence. This is how the grandmother spent the holidays with her grandchild. The court ordered for 1 hr of time each week but this week the case worker only allowed 45 minutes stating the Aunt works and the other Aunt was sick.

This isn't the grandmothers problem or fault. The caseworker does what she wants, when she wants and nobody controls her or her aggression towards the fact, the revoking of the grandmother's custody came to her via phone call from the caseworker stating the judge ordered this on the date she called. The grandmother or her attorney never received any prior notification of this or else she and her attorney would have been present. She has been fighting for custody for 9 mos. Now and has been mistreated by CYS and the caseworker Joann. It is horrific that this child is continuing to be hit and she tells us she is scared and nobody does anything.

This has now been reported to higher authority hoping they will assist. The child has no house phone to call for help, foster care only requires a cell phone which the Aunt always has. Therefore, the grandmother gave the child a cell phone and the Aunt found it and took it from her. So here is a grandmother who has lost her daughter to murder and now has CYS and her other daughter who has taking her grandaughter away from her. The Aunt even supports the father of this child and told him that she forgives him (in a court of law) 2 months after her sister was murdered by him. There is so much more to this story that you would not believe the heart ache that CYS has caused this grandmother. It is unbelievable what CYS can get away with by being a Government (PROTECTED) Agency. If anyone has suggestions for her or who can help, please respond.

Contact information:

Offender: Joann Enchaustegui

Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: York
Address: 100 W. Market St. , 4th Fl
Phone: 7178468496

Category: Miscellaneous


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