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Complaint / Review
Misleading, dishonest, great waste of time

I placed an order with on 10/29 (and paid extra for three day shipping) and instantly received a confirmation email.

I checked on the order today - over a week later - and nothing shipped.

I contacted them via chat where they claimed my credit card was declined and that they had sent an email. I received no email (other than my order confirmation) and had nothing from them in my spam folder. I also verified my credit card is fine and verified with the bank no charge attempt was put through.

I was told to call Victoria to fix it. I called Victoria, she said it may be a problem on their end, and asked if she could call me back later. I asked her when she would call back - she said she did not know I said I can't wait on this anymore, I'll just give you a new card... But the order must go out today. She verified the order would go out today. I gave her the new card number.

I checked again via chat at ~6pm to verify the order would go out. They said yes. I then received this email from them at 6:17 PM.


My warehouse cannot find p/n A8L-11-11N1. The factory lead time is 03/19. Please let me know if you would like to cancel or leave on backorder.

I immediately emailed them and said to cancel my entire order, not just this part - the whole order.

The "missing part" is the ONE part in my order I actually needed. The rest of the parts were filler parts, as they have a *minimum order size*. So they had none of the parts I needed and all of the parts I didn't need.

My third chat with them then followed, where they flat out lied:

OLC Rep: Hello. How may I assist you?
Jonathan Taylor: i want to cancel my entire order 196383
Jonathan Taylor: immediately.
Jonathan Taylor: after ordering on the 29th, receiving no email from you, being told on chat my credit card was declined, verifying the order would go out today, checking again that the order would go out today, i received this email from you:
Jonathan Taylor: Hello, My warehouse cannot find p/n A8L-11-11N1. The factory lead time is 03/19. Please let me know if you would like to cancel or leave on backorder. Thanks, Mark Sabella
Jonathan Taylor: Do not charge my card, do not ship me anything.
Jonathan Taylor: Your company is one of the absolute worst I have dealt with in years.
Jonathan Taylor: I will never be back.
Jonathan Taylor: please verify that 100% of my order is canceled and nothing will ship and that I will not be charged anything.
OLC Rep: Just a moment while I pull it up please.
OLC Rep: It looks like every other part has already been picked up by UPS. I understand your frustration, however we did confirm an email was sent to you in regards to your credit card.
OLC Rep: It definitely happens every now and then that our warehouse goes to pull a part and they can not locate it. I sincerely apologize about that.
OLC Rep: Per Victoria, you confirmed the email went to your spam box as well.
Jonathan Taylor: No, i absolutely did not. That is a lie.
Jonathan Taylor: I said I checked my spam box, and nothing was there.
Jonathan Taylor: I also checked with my bank, who said nothign went through.
Jonathan Taylor: I will contest the credit card charge. I will also be posting on every site online what an awful service you offer.

To review: Victoria indicated the credit card problem may be on their end. I specifically told her I checked my spam box and received no email. They verified they had the parts, then hours later, they did not. They claimed I said the email was in my spam box. I verified three times today the order would ship, and then the part I needed did not. I immediately canceled the order, but the shipped the parts I canceled and charged my credit card anyway. Repeated dishonesty at worst, incompetence at best.

I order electronic components online weekly and have had absolutely no trouble with other vendors. This is the first - and now last - time I tried is banned and I'll never order from them again.


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