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Bizzard Entertainment
Rude Customer Service Dont Response To Email After Being Ban From Game For NO Reason

Ok the night before I was playing world of warcraft like always ive been playing world of warcraft for like 7-9 months now I was accuse of using a third party program the first day I got on not long after I got my new pc I set up the pc and setup the game and started playing and poof " you been ban for 72 hour for using a third party program.

I didn't get a email from them for like 3-4 days it take them forever to tell you why you were ban. World of warcraft has gone too far with banning people there ban people who using logitech gaming keyboard I believe there ban me because I am using a DSL internet which the server though was a third program. Here a link found about it!!!

I call customer service and got nothing but rude service from them there accused me on the phone of using a third party program and told me that the matter was closed I try to explain to them what happen and there didn't listen to anything I had to say there don't care about there customer only about being greedy and making money!!!

Http://gaming. Item=5073

Its also possible that a keyboard I was using which is a wireless (which like I said before has gotten alot of people ban because there accuse of using third party program!!! I don't have any third party program on my pc nor would I ever!!! Bizzard lies and there program there use can accuse anybody of using a third party program there been a huge amount of people who have been ban for no reason when will bizzard learn they be quick to ban peoplefor no reason at the rate there going the game will be shut down over 59,000 World of Warcraft accounts somebody should sue world of warcraft and end there stupid games

May 09,2006 11:20 AM
First Notice I Just Got On The Game And There Gave Me A Final Warning And I Did Nothing Wrong!!!

* * * notice of final warning * * *


Account Name: SHANGRILA25

Account Action: 72 Hour suspension

Offense: Violation of Exploitation and Client/Server Manipulation Policy - Unapproved Third Party Software

Details: Found to be using unapproved third party software that gave the player an unfair advantage over other World of Warcraft players.

The actions detailed above have been deemed inappropriate for World of Warcraft by the In-Game Support staff of Blizzard Entertainment. Based on a review of the information presented, this World of Warcraft account has been given a final warning and a 72 hour account suspension, in addition to any previous warnings issued. Until the suspension has been lifted, the account will not be accessible. Please note that Blizzard Entertainment will be unable to provide further information regarding the specific time an account will become accessible again. Be aware that any additional inappropriate actions may result in the permanent closure of the account.

May 14,2006 2:54 AM
Response From Bizzard

Thank you for respecting our position on this matter.

Thank you for contacting the World of Warcraft in-game support department with your concerns regarding your account. Unfortunately, due to security concerns, we are unable to go into further detail regarding our investigation methods. As previously communicated, this issue was reviewed thoroughly before the decision to proceed with account closure. The issue was reviewed a second time after receiving your last all cases we have come to the same conclusion. Therefore, we regret to inform you that we will be unable to reduce or amend the account action issued.


Account Administration
Blizzard Entertainment

October 13,2006 10:35 PM
Second Notice From Bizzard

*Notice of Account Closure*

Access to the World of Warcraft account SHANGRILA25, and any World of Warcraft account associated with the payment information you have provided, has been permanently disabled. The account has been identified as having used unauthorized game modifications and thus is in violation of the World of Warcraft Terms of Use. The recurring subscription on the account has been disabled to prevent further charges.

Please review the World of Warcraft Terms of Use at, which you accepted when you installed World of Warcraft and established the account (so). Section 2, Paragraph C details the limitations of game play modifications and use of any third-party or? Packet sniffing? addition, Section 3, Paragraph C, parts iii and iv restrict the use of any hack, scripting or macroing software which obtains information from World of Warcraft to gain a competitive advantage over other players.

Furthermore, any activities not intended by game design which affect the economy, the client, player characters or the world itself have a tremendous negative impact on the potential enjoyment for all players. The effects of these activities take many forms including a bloated game economy, server instability, and allowing unauthorized access to accounts, computers, and player data.

As a result, the account (s) will no longer be accessible and will unfortunately not be reopened under any circumstances.

Any disputes or questions concerning this account action can only be addressed by Account Administration. To learn more about how Account Administration is able to assist you, please visit us at

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and respecting our position and all statutes within the World of Warcraft Terms of Use.

Account Administration
Blizzard Entertainment


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