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General Electric
Wanted: Members for Class Action Suit for defective product! Let's tell them we're not going to take it!

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I purchase a GE profile refrigerator in 2007 - French Door, bottom drawer freezer - Model PFS22SISBSS.
I have seen others report the same issue and believe that GE is manufacturing junk, doing the bare minimum to satisfy the warranty and GETTING AWAY WITH IT at our expense.
I don't klnow about you, but I have paid WAYY too much money for this refrigerator to not get more than 5 years out of it and I am not going down without a fight.
Don't even bother calling Consumer Relations, they have NO power to help. I've talked to Gary Mantooth, Assistant to the Chairman and he offered me nothing more than what Consumer Relations had... I told them I was going to reach out for my State's Attorney General's office and he basically told me "good luck with that. The answer is going to come back the exact same as I just told you." Can you believe the lack of care and SMUG attitude from the CEO's office? You know what they say - the fish stinks from the head down! Our ONLY option seems a class action.
So, PLEASE reply to this post if you've had the same problems with this product (or similar). French Door, bottom drawer freezer - Model PFS22SISBSS:
—intermittent cooling - the temp just goes up randomly, then temp randomly goes back to where it should be
—you've had service to replace the motherboard
—you've had service to replace the condense

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Author: Contact with Author

Offender: General Electric

Country: USA   State: Connecticut   City: Fairfield
Address: 3135 Easton Tpke, Fairfield, CT

Category: Construction & Repair

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Lynne A Allen October 8, 2019 3:01 PM
In mid-2018 I remodeled my entire kitchen and purchased a GE Fridge, GE Dishwasher, a GE slide in Stove, GE Microwave and a GE wine center. Today is October 8th 2019. I installed the products in August 2018 but purchased a few months prior to installing due to my kitchen being remodeled. Installed approx. Aug of 2018 and within 1 month time the stove stated throwing off error codes and shutting down while trying to cook . I called GE and of course, it was under warranty so they came out and replaced the control panel that went bad. The following month I went to open the handle to my GE microwave and the handle snapped off. When I looked at it –it was a thin cheap plastic piece holding it on to the microwave oven. Well I had to glue the handle back on ( mind you I spend over $7000) in GE appliances.

Approximately, 3 months later I pulled my fridge out to clean behind it and put in front of my island barely touching the counter top and when I went to push it back into place the entire front of the fridge folded like paper leaving a big dent across the entire front of the fridge. (Cheap stainless, paper thin). Not to mention several of the shelves that are supposed to sit inside the doors of the fridge didn’t sit correctly and many fell and have cracks across the plastic., Most recently, this week, my dishwasher just stopped working -no power - just dead. I called GE customer service to come out and when they did, he informed me it’s not under warranty. I said ok well diagnose what the problem is and he couldn’t give me a clear answer, he said its either the top panel or the bottom panel and /or both. He went on to tell me that in order for him to order the parts I would need to pay him for both panels because more than likely if it’s one it’s probably both, total cost $500 in parts and $100 for him to diagnose the issue. So as you can see - he left me with no way to make an informed discussion. He didn’t diagnose the issue (top and/ or bottom panel) but wanted me to pay for both panels and on top of that add the $99.99 service charge totaling $ 600.00. This is for a dishwasher that is only 1 year old, not to mention I live alone and it haven’t been used it more than 20 times.

Because of this I too tried calling customer relations twice. The first time I was on hold over 30 minutes and then I got disconnected. The second time after 20 mins of being on hold I was talking to a women and before I could finish explaining, I got hung up on a second time. I then decided to reach to the manager of customer relations (via website) who in turn forwarded my email to a Mr. Gary Mantooth who called me at work and WOW right from the beginning of our conversation was rude and condescending. His customer service is severely lacking, the lack of care and his smug attitude absolutely shocked me. It was actually disgusting and he without question should be fired for speaking to loyal GE customers the way he does ( Do a search for GE complaint and include his name ) Surprise ! What is SR leadership thinking keeping this guy on the GE team. Anyways, While I was trying to explain my disappointment with my GE appliances, he interrupted me and said’ “Okay I’m not sure what your Microwave, and your fridge that YOU dented has to do with your dishwasher”. I mean I could go on and on with how rude his comments were but I won’t. The last thing, I said to Gary is why should I have pay for a service charge of $99.99 when no diagnoses was given to allow me to make an informed decision. Gary said you were given a diagnose I said he could not tell me whether or not it was the top, bottom or both panels but demanded I pay for all to order for a total of 600.00 ? Are you kidding me?

Gary said to me let me get a hold of the tech and I will call you back – don’t call me back, I will call you back after I speak to him. How rude!
Again no resolution nothing but the run around from Mr Gary Mantooth. He should be fired. I will never ever again buy GE and word of mouth his huge.
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