City: Long Island City
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Major World Queens, New York

I was given a fraudulent carfax when i bought my car from a car dealer now i went to trade the car in at another dealer and the true carfax shows the car was in at least 2 accidents prior to my buying it and the new dealer cant take my trade in what can i do to remedy this situation andhow serious of a problem is this for the ...

The Party Ride
A Ride From H

I reserved a bus for the weekend to be pick up in Brooklyn on 4/27 and taking to Atlantic City, we be will returning on the 4/29 back to Brooklyn. The bus was suppose to leave at 7PM sharp. The drive was an hour late. When he get there the EMERGENCY WINDOW will not close, the bathroom doesn't work (unsanitary), and a few of the ...

Misses Dressy
Poor Service and Total Fraud

Our friends and that I created nearly one thousand dollar purchase. 8 weeks passed and after calling numerous occasions and awaiting atleast 40 units to obtain to somebody and getting the boss (Angel) hang-up on-US just since we were worrying clients, nevertheless no gowns! The corporation is hard to achieve. They're really ...