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Complaint / Review
U-Save Auto Of Bayonne, NJ
U-Save Auto of Bayonne is a ripped me off! I saved nothing with U-save

I picked an up a one day rental at U-save car rental in Bayonne. Only car available was a mini van for $89.99/day
Vehicle was old and had numerous dents and scratches on the car. I was asked by manager when was I returning the vehicle and I said Friday. 4/18 Thursday night vehicle was parked on the street I was moving from.

When I arrived back later that afternoon to use the vehicle the car would not start. There was a service maintenance light on. I asked my landlord for assistance. He tried to jump the car and it did not work. My LL then called the U-save auto place for me on his cell phone.

Paul the employee answers, we could tell in his voice that he was annoyed. He told us that if he checks the vehicle and it is in fact the battery that is dead, its a $50 service fee? (My LL and myself heard him say this) and then he hung up the phone.

Later that afternoon my boyfriend came into the apartment upset and said that Paul the employee was outside and he said Paul said that he had already charged me the $50.00 service fee prior to arriving to check the car.

I said to Paul what do you mean you charged me already? Paul changed his story and said, I said if I have to come down there, there is a $50.00 service fee? I said no you didnt, thats not what you said on the phone, you said if you checked the car and it was in fact the battery that there would be a $50.00 service fee (my LL heard Paul say this as well) Paul never touched the car and charged me prior to arriving to check the vehicle.

Paul was exchanging words with my boyfriend and his friend and I heard Paul say, thats the problem with you Americans, you get all upset over nothing.

I told Paul that I wanted to get this car out of my hands and I don? T want to be charged for another day. I said I shouldnt have been charged if you never checked the vehicle. He said, I m not charging you (My witness and my boyfriend heard him change his story again.

After Paul finally got the car started, I asked him for the time, he said 5:18 pm. (My witness was standing by the car at this time) I said I don't want to be charged for another day, I said the car has been sitting here dead and you just jumped it, I said, Im not going to make it to Bayonne by 6pm. Paul said, Are you leaving now? I said yes. He said, DONT WORRY I'LL WAIT FOR YOU (my witness heard him say this as well). I said, just let me go and get my purse and Paul said ok.

When I came back outside with my purse, Paul was still standing outside. As I walked to the rental vehicle, Paul backed his van off of the sidewalk and sped off ahead of me. I proceeded behind to Bayonne to drop the car off.

- I arrived to Bayonne from JC at 6:04pm and parked the van in the U-save parking lot. I walked across the street to the office and it was closed. I called the office number to leave a message to let Paul know that I was there with the vehicle. The voicemail stated that the voicemail box was full and that I could not leave a message. I decided to sit in front of the office just in case Paul was just running late. Paul never showed up to receive the return like he said he would. I decided to leave a note so that the staff would know that I was there. Their sign on the door states that they close at 6pm but I was informed by Paul that he would wait until I got there and he did not show. And the car was in fact dead prior and I had to wait for him to show up to get it going.

I called to have someone pick me up because I did not want to leave with there vehicle for another day so I left the vehicle in the lot and was going to return the keys when they opened Saturday morning.

Saturday morning 9:13 am I called U-save car rental in Bayonne and a woman answered the phone. The woman on the phone said with an attitude? I am the manager and I know all about your rental. I was trying to tell her that I was on my way to drop the keys and that I wanted to speak to Paul because he said he would be there to receive them and she would not let me get a word in. She had a very bad attitude with me over the phone and she just kept talking over me and hung up.

I called back and the female manager answered again with an attitude and once again she's talking over me not letting me speak and saying, that I have to bring the keys to the van back by 10 am that morning. The time was around 9:30am when she said this and I was in Brooklyn, NY at the time. I was trying to tell her where I was at and that I couldnt get there at the time but she wouldnt let me get a word in and then she hung up on me. From Brooklyn to Bayonne is not a half hour and they were trying to find anyway to charge me for a 2 day rental instead of one when the vehicle was still on their lot. The deadline wasnt realistic or fair and doesnt justify charging me for 2 days when they had they already had the vehicle and there was no drop box for the keys.

I arrived to the Bayonne office at around 11:00am Saturday. I did not say a word and I just handed her the keys and she was processing my bill. - Paul lied to his boss and told her that he arrived back in the office Friday night at 5:30pm and waited for me and I never showed which was a lie. If he was in JCH jumping the car and I asked him the time and he said 5:18pm and he stood outside and waited for me go in the apt to get my purse to leave (another 5 min), how could he have gotten to Bayonne NJ at 5:30pm with traffic lights? Also, he stated he would be there for the return when I said to him I dont think I would get there by 6pm and he was not there. I got there at 6:04pm.

They gave me my bill Sat. The bill had numerous charges on them. They charged me for a 2 day rental and the $50.00 service fee. A one day rental for $89.99 plus tax became a bill for $291.00. I said Im not paying for 2 days when the vehicle was returned the night before and your employee said he would be there to receive my return and he also stated that he wasnt going to charge me for the jump. They were looking for any reason to charge me for two days.

I asked for a copy of my original customer receipt of what I was supposed to be charged and they denied me of it eventhough I called them prior and the female manager said "you have to come and pick it up".

I didn't save a dime at U-save. I was ripped off and these people need to be held accountable for the shady actions and despicable service!

I will see them in court.

Offender: U-Save Auto Of Bayonne, NJ

Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Bayonne
Address: 910 Broadway

Category: Cars & Transport


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