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WiseGuyz Pizza
Horrible Service

I don't think it could be worse. I ordered pizza 4 times and they messed up every time and didn't care! Twice when I went to pick it up they told me it would be another hour. 1 time they lost my order and did nothing about it but tell me I could wait 45 minutes for them to make the pizza. The 4th time they wanted to charge me ...

Panda Express

My family and I have eaten at Panda Express several times since it came to Windsor, ca. We've always been satisfied until yesterday (Friday, August 5,2011, at approximately 4:30PM). Their shrimp was so dry and over cooked we couldn't eat it; the fried rice was dry and tasteless. The chow chow mein was overcooked. Consistency ...

Arbys/Fast food
Ass. Manage

Worse fastfood store in town the food is not cooked properly an the manager deals drugs in the parking lot an goes through withdraws in the store ive seen her motiple times deal and take drugs in and out the store it really makes you all have a bad name her attitude torward people in general is very unexceptable somthing needs ...

Burger King
Rude order taker and manage

I just had the worst experience I’ve ever had at a BK and I’ve eaten at BK since they first opened and in mores states then I can remember! I went thru the drive thru at 9:50pm and started my order with a Bacon Cedar Ranch Tendercrisp sandwich meal. I asked for a medium with a Coke. From the drive thru speaker I hear a young ...