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Duncan Donuts
Poor Service - Coffee

The drive through service at the Duncan Donuts establishment at 1111 Rt 37 West in Tom's River is unexceptable. I understand it is a busy location. No matter what time of day - the service is generally the same. The order-whether it is food or beverages or both-has an error at least 25% of the time. Having to pull over and wait ...

Bad Service

About a year ago, my husband and I went for dinner at our local Chilis. We were seated quickly. We were told that 2 people would be serving us that evening. One was a young man and the other a woman. Why they need 2 waiters/waitresses is beyond me... Anyway, the young man came over about 10 minutes later, no one asked if we ...

Bad Service

A group of seven met for lunch. We had poor service, never asked if we wanted a refill, items substituted without being asked if it was ok, and the restaurant ran out of ranch dressing, We had originally asked for separate tickets which is not what we received. We received a single ticket and when asked for separate tickets the ...


I pulled through and ordered a sausage biscuit and by the time i drove up to pick up my order i was approached by someone throwing jelly packs at me. I protected my face from the flying packs of jelly the sad part is that the manager stood by her side and laughed. I did file a police report. I also spoke to the owner. He seemed ...


Walked in on two male employees one from the from the front and one with her plants down pushing his penis in her and her licking the other guys penis at the same time. She is almost 50!! VANESSA PROUD in AUSTIN TEXAS. She not pretty either just makes them do it so she gives them easy work. She nasty, I wish starbucks would run ...