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Carl's Jr
Sex Commercial

I think the Carl's JR commercial where the two scantily clad women feed each other burgers is absolutely disgusting! This shouldn't be on TV where anyone can see it! I don't object to the women of course - that's super hot - it's that burger that makes me want to puke! ...

Poor service

We went there to eat dinner, everything was dryed out, or empty, when we asked to get fresh food they acted like they didn, t want to feel the buffet bar. It was 7:08 P.M. They don, t close till 9:30. It was the worst meal we have ever ever had there, not sure if we will ever go back. ...

Refused service

Hardee's ignored us - totally My wife and I were very disappointed during a recent visit to Hardee’s. While entering the store, we passed one female employee who was chatting on her cell phone just outside the entrance. We were the only customers inside the place. When we stood at the counter to place our orders, the lady ...

Duncan Donuts
Poor Service - Coffee

The drive through service at the Duncan Donuts establishment at 1111 Rt 37 West in Tom's River is unexceptable. I understand it is a busy location. No matter what time of day - the service is generally the same. The order-whether it is food or beverages or both-has an error at least 25% of the time. Having to pull over and wait ...

Bad Service

About a year ago, my husband and I went for dinner at our local Chilis. We were seated quickly. We were told that 2 people would be serving us that evening. One was a young man and the other a woman. Why they need 2 waiters/waitresses is beyond me... Anyway, the young man came over about 10 minutes later, no one asked if we ...