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Dunkin Donuts
Terrible service

I have gone to the same Dunkin Donuts since it has opened right around my house. This past week I have gone and gotten the same thing every day but when I am asked what I would like to order I always get the "whatcha want" in a bored, monotone, uninterested voice. I usually ignore that and move on. But tonight some of my ...

Pizza Hut

"Pizza Hutt" is the only business I have purchased pizza for years.  I purchased pizza for my family today on {7th street} here in (Louisville, KY), I did not feel my order was right.  In the pass when I ordered pizza, (garlic butter and a pepper was automatically placed in with my order, it was not this time.  I contacted  the ...

Shoneys 1464
Awful experience

We dined at your Lewisburg location last thursday. The food was good, but the conditions were very unsanitary and harmful. We found several dirty dishes, one with dried mashed potatoes around the outer rim. But the fact they were stripping up old carpet, around the food bar and everyone eating was unexceptable! We were directed ...

Stay away

I have been a loyal customer of a Safeway store (7375 Arapahoe Rd. Englewood, CO 80112) near by my home from past nearly 2 yrs and i always do most of my grocery shopping in that store. Most of The store managers and staff members know me and my kid who i take to store most Of the time when i go shopping. Following is an ...