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Burger King
Avoid this place at all costs

Me and a coworker just got off work, we decided for some stupid reason that we would get Whoppers for diner. He was going to eat at my house and seeing how I have 3 kids I ordered 7 whoppers. We pulled up to the window where there was a girl whose brother was once a person that I didn't get along with. She started her stuff ...

900 Woodfired Pizza

The owner is rude. Would rather get into a fight with a patron than say he's sorry for the poor service his staff gives. His goons think they are at the Jersey Shore. Just what the New Tampa area needs. The food takes forever to receive, the order was wrong and they are only have about 5 tables in the whole place. Not to ...

Papa Johns Pizza
Angry custome

I work for helens house child care right behind papa johns in waxahachie texas on hwy 77... I went to place an order for our kids at the child care and the door was locked there wee two visible people one by the name of "RACHEL" so i called and she aswered the phone... I asked her, "What time did they open i wanted to place an ...

Customer service

Kfc pekin, il - horrible experience Here is a rundown of my experience on 6/28/2011 at the kfc in pekin, il. I entered the store around 7:00pm. There were 6-8 people in line: an employee, then an elderly man, then my self, then, behind me, was a group of senior citizens. As we waited in line the girl operating the register ...

Domino's Pizza
Bad customer service

Wow i have always bought dominos and today was the first time that im thinking of going somewere else I travel and buy at the same location in az phone 602 547 3030 a csr named tony asked me for my adress and I said can u hold on one second he said no call back when u get the adress didnt even let me get the hotel buisness card ...