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Bad Service

I went for my regular afternoon jolt and ordered a total of three coffees to take back to the office. After they were served I asked for a tray since I had to walk a couple of blocks back and they were large coffees. They couldn't find any trays behind the counter and since they were busy they never offered a solution. I had to ...

Ad service

My name is ronnie ewing i was a cosumer about 14.09 on this day oc t /27/2011. I order a well it was supose to be a double qtr pounder mean. I also order a fish sandwich i ask the lady could if they keep it down for a exstra 2 min she said ok. What i got was a fish out of the warmer and put on my tray. I ask her could i have ...

Dunkin Donuts
Bad service

Today I was craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Dunkin Donuts, so I went to get one. As I was in the drive thru the employee taking my order was blasting music through the microphone and had a rude attitude towards what I had ordered. When I asked for a medium pumpkin spice latte with sugar and whipped cream she confirmed my ...

Burger King
Ad service

I dare any customer to go to the Burger King on Hwy 90 and get the items they actually ordered. Managers take note - why is every other fast food chain on Hwy 90 busy when BK doesn't even have a lunch crowd? Answer-It's just not worth having to look through the bag and sort out the wrong items, hand them back, wait for the ...

Bad Service

Went to store # 025753 on 9/4/11, wanted to order a 12 piece chix strip meal which would inclued 2 lg sides. Was told that they only had 8 strips and that it would take 10-12 mintues to make more. Was told that they had boneless filets and they cost 1.99 each. We ended up getting a 6 piece strip and 4 filets, had to buy the ...