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Stay away

I have been a loyal customer of a Safeway store (7375 Arapahoe Rd. Englewood, CO 80112) near by my home from past nearly 2 yrs and i always do most of my grocery shopping in that store. Most of The store managers and staff members know me and my kid who i take to store most Of the time when i go shopping. Following is an ...

Popeye's Chicken
Stay away

Saturday Feb 26 I decided to order Popeyes chicken for dinner for my daughter and I. We ordered chicken wings, fries with gravy and 6 biscuits. The lady I spoke to on the phone informed me that the food would be more than an hour to arrive although they were about a 2 minute drive from my apartment. It arrived more than an ...

Taco Bell
Poor service

Every time i go to taco bell through the drive threw they are rude and my drinks are never full the place of buisness in maysville kentucky has a night shift that is a big joke for employees they wont give you a receipt so you never know who waited on you or they exact time you were there ...

Huddle house
Employee abuse

Huddle House has some good tasting food at some great values, but a many of the echelons of management, including this one, have some serious political stigma. I can tell you for the record that Mike Ripley is one of the sorriest people, in and out of the workplace. Despite being the strongest talent in the establishment, I was ...