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Complaint / Review
Westwood College Online C/O Unisa Inc
Informed me they had my desired program when they didn't, now stuck with loans for classes I didn't want in the first place

When I first called inquiring about Westwood college and their programs I was interested in Game Design. The representative I spoke with informed me they did in fact have programs for this and after several conversations I was enrolled for the August 2010 semester (I believe), but ended up having to postpone it so I could buy a new computer that was up to "par" and met all of their requirements. So when I finally started the beginning of the next year I noticed I had a programming class, however I didn't think anything of it at the time, I just assumed I might need to know some of it for Design since some would be done on a computer.

After my first semester I signed up for second semester and ordered my books and everything I would need when I noticed I had a more advanced programming class. Upon calling my adviser on the issue and telling him I didn't want to do programming I was more interested in Design he informed me that they no longer had the program that would have been more suitable for me, they got rid of it the semester before I started. So he enrolled me in a program for a degree I never wanted in the first place rather than telling me the truth and now I am stuck with student loans I didn't even know I had. The only loan I knew about was the one from Westwood college, I just recently found out that I have another loan from Westwood through Great Lakes that's over $7,000.

Not only was this a big surprise for me but this isn't the only time Westwood screwed me over on something like this. When I sent one of my first payments, a check through the mail, I wasn't sure I sent it to the correct place at first so I wrote a separate check because it had been several weeks since I wrote the first and I did not want to incur any late charges. So I emailed someone from the finance department at the school asking about where to send it, she informed that I had sent the first one to the correct address and that she would send the second one back to me since I had it sent and made out to a different place. Soon after I had both checks come out at the same time causing me to overdraft. When they finally sent me the refund for one of the checks back, after I had several overdraft charges incur because of this mistake, they sent me a letter in the mail saying I was now late on a payment and now owed double, and this was the first past due payment I had for them.

Westwood has done nothing but cause me a great deal of stress and regret. They scammed me into enrolling for classes I didn't want and when I stopped going I now owe them a great deal of money I feel I should not have to pay back. This was the worst mistake of my life, I doubt I will ever go back to school because of this.


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