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I have had Netflix for many years, and until recently, I have never had a problem with it. I want to let you know how abysmal thier “customer service” is.

The weekend of January 7th, 2012, I started getting an error message on some of the shows I have been watching online. Until now, I have not had any problems. It wasn’t an “issue” with me at the time, but it kept getting worse, until Monday evening I couldn’t even watch anything for more than a few minutes without getting an error message. I figured it might be a “glitch” so I ran all the cleaning programs on my pc and then watched one of the TV stations online the rest of the night.

Tuesday, the same thing happened, except I couldn’t watch anything at all without getting this error message, so I called “customer service”. The first guy I talked too was pretty decent, he ran me through a reinstall the certificate and unplug and plug everything back in. I did that, and I was able to watch one show and then I got an error message again. I called my cable company to see if there was anything wrong with the lines or any of their devices on my end. My cable company did about 30 minutes worth of testing on the lines and my pc…nothing was wrong. So I call “customer service” back and get a guy who says “Yeah, I've had a LOT of calls with people who have the same cable company and can’t watch anything”. He said something was going on with the Netflix servers and would be fixed by the end of that evening.

Wednesday I try and watch Netflix and again, I cannot watch anything without getting the same error message or it just freezing up on me. Again I called “customer service” and this time got some guy who said he was out of Chicago or Detroit area, and he was giving me nothing but attitude. He told me there was NOTHING they could do, and it was MY problem, and it was MY computer that was messed up! I told him I had contacted my cable company and did all these tests and they told me I was running above the normal speed and could load three times what Netflix told me was the speed I needed to run anything they had, and he just gave me MORE attitude. I asked him if I was going to get a credit for not being able to watch anything all week, and he really got nasty and said “Oh, exactly what KIND of credit it is that you think you want”?!

I just hung up on the jackass.

Thursday I tried watching a few shows again, and all it did was freeze up on me. I again called “customer service” and this guy just refused to understand what I was saying. I explained to him in GREAT DETAIL that a five year old could understand, that there was a problem on Netflix’s end, because my cable company not only did three tests once, they did them twice! There was NOTHING wrong with neither my pc nor the broadband lines. He said there was nothing wrong with Netflix’s computers and it was the cable company’s problem. I told him it wasn’t, and I explained to him three times what the cable company had said to tell Netflix, and again, he refused to care or understand. I asked him to connect me with technical support and he told me HE WAS technical support! I told him, no, I want to talk to somebody who KNOWS about computers and can get this problem fixed for me. He told me Netflix did NOT have technical support and that HE was IT! I told him I was tired of this merry-go-round they had me on and if Netflix couldn’t be bothered to give me REAL customer service or find someone to talk to me who KNEW about Netflix computers then I would cancel my account and file grievances with every consumer complaint agency there is, including the BBB, the Attorney Generals office, and all other world wide complaint forums. This was stupid and I wasn’t dealing with it anymore!

Twenty minutes after I hung up on this jerk, I tried watching Netflix again…and guess what. It was FIXED!

Is THIS what has to happen when you need to get something done at Netflix? No wonder so many people dumped them. Apparently you have to get nasty and threaten to cancel your account and file numerous consumer complaints to get any kind of service out of them! There IS NO EXCUSE for this!

I even wrote the company headquarters with the same information, and they couldnt be bothered to respond at all.

And I just got my new charge for another month of Netflix, and I did NOT get my credit for that week I couldnt watch anything online... So now I am cancelling my account.

Nice way to run a business into the ground and run your customers off at the same time!

Offender: Netflix

Country: USA   State: California   City: Los Gatos

Category: TV & Radio


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