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Clearwater Yacht Service
David Barth Boat Mechanic Overcharge Labor Incompetent Mistakes Lies Diagnostics Thief

I'm not satisfied with this response either as it does not address any of the issues I've stated previously in my complaint. I would like the following questions answered:

1. Why do I have to pay for poor diagnostic abilities? The invoice states: "Identified area of leak to be assembly at bottom of dipstick tube". This is why laypeople pay mechanics $100/hr to make educated decisions. If this was what the CYS tech determined to be the area of the leak why do I have to pay $400 for his incompetent diagnostic work? The technician didn't attempt the less expensive repair as stated on the invoice. He made a mistake. West Marine of Clearwater stated that any time the oil pan of a salt-water vessel has visible rust like mine did, the customer is immediately advised to have it replaced, as it is just a matter of time before it develops a hole.

2. Why was the engine re-installed prior to determining from where the water leak stemmed? CYS states in this response that the " (Y-Pipe) had severe corrosion at the base" and when they took my boat to ramp and put my boat in the water they saw exactly where the water had been entering the boat. Why was this not done the first time? Incompetent mechanics decision once again adding to the bill.

3. Why did the tech break off a spark plug in my manifold? The boat sat at CYS for nearly 8 weeks, which is long enough to use several other rusted part removal techniques like solvents applied over time, heat, and patience, instead of brute force. Boats rust in the salt water all the time. Skilled mechanics don't break off spark plugs because it's rusty.incompetent mechanic adding to the bill.

4. Why do I have to pay mechanics labor to pick up parts? Why am I being charged for two trips on the same day to the same place? One was for $150 and the other $100 to pick up an oil pan and motor mounts. That's $250 which could have been $100 had the mechanic waited until all the parts were available. My boat was there 7 weeks; another day would not have hurt. All in all CYS charged me nearly $600 to locate and deliver my parts. Thats 10% of the total bill.

5. Why do I have to pay for parts that were never located? CYS charged me 2.25 hrs for the following "Researched Several Sources to Find Needed Gaskets". These gaskets, which were only needed because the tech broke off the spark plug, were subsequently never located and my old gaskets were used instead. That's $225 for basically nothing. Why does it take so long for these parts to be researched? Isn't this what CYS does as their profession?

6. Why does my boat still overheat after 1 sea test for $100 and a test on the "flush" before I picked up the vessel? It took only a few minutes underway for my boat to overheat just as it did before I took it to CYS. This was one of the 4 major items on the work order.

7. Why does my boat still run poorly? CYS left my boat running poorly after a breaking off a spark plug, charging me hundreds of additional dollars for the repair, and then transport ting of these parts to their shop. Why not replace the distributor cap and make it work right before asking for nearly $6000 in repair costs.

8. Why was my boat left filthy with grease, old parts, and trash? I spent $1,000 at Autoway Dodge and they detailed my vehicle when they were done. I couldnt even tell they were ever there. My new carpet is ruined with black grease, and my brand new white vinyl is also covered in greasy handprints. More incompetence.

All in all I believe my boat was worked on by less than professional, unskilled, under trained mechanics. These so called mechanics are nothing more than glorified parts changers with no diagnostic ability. The management bills $100 for their time and then lets their shabby work out of the shop before inspecting their work. I pay $100 for expertise, as I believe we all do when we bring our vehicle or boat for service. I could have gotten the same expertise at a tech school from students. I believe this is why CYS has terminated one of their techs as stated in their response.

CYS seems to place much of the blame for their excessive bill on the condition of my vessel with regard to rust. The starter was NEVER underwater, or even close. I was using the boat up until the oil started leaking and that's when I brought it to CYS. If they had said this job was going to cost $6,000 I would never have authorized the work. I had a $2500 credit with this company and I fully expected them to use it all up but never to exceed the worth of the boat by padding the hours and blaming the condition of my boat instead of poor mechanical and diagnostic abilities of the staff.

I was amazed at the first invoice for $3800 and figured all they had to do was put the motor back in (at their expense) and I was done. I could not believe CYS didn't tell me at that time the remainder of the work was going to cost another $2,200. All they had to do was replace the Y-Pipe and put the engine back together. How in the world did this cost another $2200?

Offender: Clearwater Yacht Service

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Largo
Address: 11411 Harbor Way #1625
Phone: 7274551810

Category: Sports


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