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Suddenlink is up to some fraudulent billing

I first get Suddenlink when I move to a very rural part of AR in Nov. 2010. Prior to the move, I schedule services for cable TV and internet to be connected at the new house. I was told in that phone conversation that I was to pay the tech who comes to hook up the service "the first month's bill". Luckily, I wrote everything down that I was told. Tech comes, hooks it up, I pay him, everything's great. About 5 days later, I get a bill for "first month's" service. I call them and explain that I had already paid the tech the first's month's bill. "Oh, you are right. Just disregard that bill". Ok. I thought it was weird and not the most honest billing practices, but whatever. My monthly bill is $104 and some change.

— April. I have become obsessed with the ID channel, but have to watch it when I visit other people who have different cable providers. I call up Suddenlink and was told I could add a very small package of channels that would include ID for about $6 per month. I'm super excited and say "do it!" Well, the next bill comes and it turns out that Suddenlink thinks $6 is more like $15. I'm not happy, but I chalk it up to extra taxes and enjoy the ID channel. My monthly bill is now $119 and some change.

— June. I buy my first house, but it's in the same geographical area, so I didn't move far—still have to use Suddenlink. I call to set up transfer of services and I'm told that there will be a $45 transfer fee but they immediately offer to split it up over the next 3 months which would be an extra $13.34. I say "great" and the tech comes and hooks it up at my new house. I had actually paid my Suddenlink approximately 2-3 days before I moved so I wasn't expecting a bill anytime soon. But, of course one showed up at my house within a week of me moving. It was for $151.34! I call Suddenlink and they explain that I didn't actually owe them anything and they had no idea why I got a bill. "Disregard it". About this time, my upgraded package's channels are not working. The picture is always stuck on the screen and the sound just goes out—but only on those channels including ID. I call and report that, they schedule a tech person to come, but that guy never shows up or calls to tell me why. Luckily my friend was able to sort of fix it (I still have problems with it, but not as bad).

— July. I get another bill for $151.34. I call Suddenlink again and I'm told, "you only owe us $14.01". I ask several times "are you sure" and I'm promised that I only $14.01. I was never explained why, but whatever I pay it.

—August 25. I just got another bill for $151.34. Why? I had been paying $119 since April, expected to pay an extra $13.34 for the next 3 months—how do you reach $151.34? I call Suddenlink once again. At first I'm told that I had an outstanding balance of $18. I ask for what and why is that not on my bill. She tells me that the outstanding balance wouldn't be on the bill. WHAT?! Every bill I've ever paid has the balance on the next bill if you don't pay the whole thing. Then she says that the fees for my services have gone up starting in July.By $19 per month?! I ask her why I wasn't notified of this increase—"I don't know". Really?! So, I guess as of now my monthly bill is $151.34. I live out in the middle of no where, so my options for services (especially internet) are limited. I think Suddenlink is fully aware of this fact and knows they can charge me pretty much whatever they want, I can't do a lot about it. I have to have internet for work.

Offender: Suddenlink

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Tyler
Phone: 8777942724

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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