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Urbie Cooper, Theft, Extortion

I filed a complaint at the Better Business Bureau, to which he replied with a bunch of lies.
Here's what happened:

On November 29th, Urbie Cooper and his crew showed up 6 hours late, and were rude when they did show up.

They loaded half the truck, then refused to work, but also refused to pause their billing, and said they wanted to change the rate from hourly to fixed rate (ie. They wanted to more than double the amount they originally estimated). When I consistently refused, they eventually continued.

The truck they brought was too small to fit my one-bedroom of stuff, even though they said it was the size for a whole house, and so I had to leave a lot of it and make two trips in a U-Haul with other movers the next day.

They charged the rate for three men when they only had two movers.

The next day they were 80 minutes late, then refused to bill to my credit card as previously agreed to. I told them I wanted to use credit and they said they would leave with my stuff if I didn't go get them an additional $942 in cash (in addition to what they already charged on my credit card). We called the police twice, and nobody came. They charged for the time for me to wait for the police, then to go get cash. They said they would refund if I gave them more cash than necessary. They "estimated" the hours to unload, at double the time it actually took, and refused to refund the excess cash.

When I checked with the woman doing inventory, the truck had three layers of boxes left in the truck and she had already checked off all the boxes except for four boxes, without even looking at the numbers on the boxes, as at least 30 boxes were still on the truck and obstructed. She said she wanted to leave early, and so I told her not to leave until we found the remaining four boxes. She said she wouldn't but then left anyway.

After unpacking, I discovered that a lot of my furniture had damage and several boxes were missing, including boxes containing designer handbags, electronics, and a Toshiba laptop box.

MY BBB response to their lies:

He completely made this up. The times and facts are wrong. I DID get charged for boxes, the $50 overnight fee was waived when I originally booked the move, not on the move day. On move day they showed up at 10:40 AM (which my building has records of), not 9:40 AM, and Urbie had said he would arrive at 9AM sharp. The pickup day, the pickup time was told to us as 3PM, not a 2 hour window, and they did not call to tell us they would be that late. They called to say they'd be there around 5PM and then showed up at a bit after 9PM. I did not have any glass or 'hazardous materials' on the racks, and the racks did not get moved by the movers. They DID refuse to work, as I said in the original report. I did NOT try not to get them to go into the loft (why on earth would I do that?) And the amounts are incorrect. Also, as they very well know, I had my credit card on me, and they had agreed to let me use it, but then demanded cash or they'd drive off with everything I own.

On top of it, I did NOT sign anything saying the boxes arrived at the destination. I have the inventory list copy WITHOUT my signature. They lied about this as well. (See attached image of inventory list with this BBB window and the date in the background.)


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