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Verizon Wireless
Straight Talk 2 months after I ported 2 cells from Verizon to Straight Talk both fully paid-They disconnected me & Refused to reconnect my Ported numbers

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Fcc form 2000 additional information for internet filing reference 10-c00225129

Fcc complaint re: verizon wireless

I canceled my Contract with Verizon Wireless on or about April 17,2010 when I installed my new Straight Talk Service with my existing (5 year) wireless telephone numbers:
404-1xx-xxxx and 404-2xx-xxxx were effectively PORTED to Straight Talk.

I continued to maintain my Straight Talk Account with great success for two months; until this past
Thursday, 10 June 2010 when—at approximately 9:30 pm—upon using my Straight Talk wireless phone, I had NO SERVICE.

I tried to make a call from my 404-1xx-xxxx to my 404-2xx-xxxx and received the following recording: "This is Verizon: The phone number you're using is Invalid and The number you are calling has been disconnected, changed or no longer exists."

I called Straight Talk and got an announcement that " Straight Talk had such a high volume of calls—"we cannot take your call at this time. Please call back later."
I sent Straight Talk an email and got a confirmation of receipt; however it read: "because of a high volume of email support we have forwarded your email to our "'Email Support Response Team. You may expect to receive a response between 24-72 hours."

Last night I finally reached Straight Talk's telephone support. The woman handling my call asked me if she put me hold while she called Verizon to get verification for the telephone numbers and restore our service.
She came back to me a few minutes later and said:
"VERIZON SAID THEY DO NOT HAVE YOUR 404-1xx-xxxx NOR 404-2xx-xxxx AVAILABLE. Those numbers are in use. I DO HAVE TWO NEW PHONE NUMBERS VERIZON GAVE ME THAT ARE AVAILABLE." (What? My number of the past 5 Years is IN USE after TWO DAYS?!
I said "SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG—I just used those (MY PORTED NUMBERS) wireless phones 30 minutes ago."
In essence Verizon DID Port my number AND THEN TOOK THEM BACK two months after Porting? NO NOTICE)

MY Hospital and All of my Physicians and Surgeons HAVE My 404-1xx-xxxx wireless. My CareGiver holds and uses the 404-2xx-xxxx Cell phone number I AM SENDING A COPY OF THIS TRANSMISSION TO THE FCC citing VERIZON and VERIZON's dba (Contracted) STRAIGHT TALK, They (Verizon) have tried to use a "back door" to CIRCUMVENT MANDATORY PORTING OF PHONE NUMBERS as well as FRAUD by DISAVOWING ANY AND ALL ASSOCIATION between VERIZON and STRAIGHT TALK. If my PHONE'S (Number) of the past 5 YEARS are NOT PORTED BACK to me within 48 Hours— I will undertake Legal Action and Report this to Any and All Press and Media at my disposal

My USE OF the Wireless Telephone Numbers provided to me last night (404-5xx-xxx and 404-6xx-xxxx dictated by VERIZON WIRELESS DO NOT SATISFY my ACCEPTANCE of THOSE Numbers as viable. (I'm Looking down a gun barrel with a choice of "New Numbers" or NO SERVICE at all —which is nothing less than "Blackmail, "
And One more example that VERIZON WIRELESS IS trying desperately to hide that IT IS STRAIGHT TALK.*

*When I called Straight Talk Tech support the Representative asked me if I minded being put on hold while she called VERIZON WIRELESS to see if she could restore my ported numbers. She came back in about 2-3 minutes and said 404-1xx-xxxx and 404-2xx-xxxx were NOT AVAILABLE; BUT SHE HAD TWO NEW NUMBERS AVAILABLE FROM VERIZON (404-5xxx-xxxx and 404-6xx-xxxx) That was unacceptable to me... However it was THAT or NO SERVICE AT ALL —I was going on to 48 hours with NO SERVICE WHAT SO EVER, (For which I demand a Credit.)
Oh For The Good Ole Days—maybe they will do a required ROL (Recording On Line): "AND THE NEW NUMBER IS: 555-555-5555"

David in atlanta

Copy: FCC

*see supporting information from a verizon employee*
helpful advisor

Helpful Advisor 2010/06/07

* " I work for the Fraud department with Verizon Wireless. Whenever, Staight Talk service stops working we get flooded with calls from their customers. The reason being is that we also handle all Authentication issues (for VZW customers only) but S. T. Service is partly link to ours. Here's the skinny, Staight Talk is an independent company who essentially sublets VZW service. However, they only pay for certain (little) network coverage and they are responsible for their own technical support and customer service. We only provide backup support (little to none) From what I gather when I call or transfer a S. T. Customer to Straight Talk, they are understaffed and also their automated system is designed to disconnect your call if their queue is full. So if there service is down, guaranteed you will either wait 1-2 hrs for service or have to call back another day. Furthermore, I really don't know why anyone would get this company service. Its essentially our service but with the bare minimum coverage..."

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Offender: Verizon Wireless

Country: USA   State: All USA

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