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Complaint / Review
LivePerson Inc. (Kasamba)
LivePerson Inc. (Kasamba) $21.80-> $196.20 Overcharged Fee for psychic reading becasue of its technical problem

I do not know about the accuracy of the reading the psychic reader on Liveperson gave me and do not care about it at this point.

But, I do strongly care about this ridiculous fee the site has overcharged me because of its technical problem.

A while later after I left the room, I saw my transcript on the history menu on the site, and I has been extremely panic and shocked. It charged me $195.20 for 18 mins. Where does 18min came from?

I only got 3min free reading the expert promised me before live chat through a message and 2min pay reading because I cannot afford his rate, which is $10.90 per min, over 2mins.

Then, I have pondered how the 18 min duration came from and noticed that it was generated from fake staring time for chatting, and included free reading time on the free mode, which the site adverties that it's totally free
on the free mode before clicking "hire" button.

The most shocking part of its calculation is that it caculated the time even after I went out the chat room and closed window.

According to my "transcript" from the "history" section, the expert kept saying alone although I did not answer any his questions because I was not there - I got of the chat room!!! - Basically, after I got of the chat room within 5 min reading including 3min free reading the expert promised me, he kept doing reading alone for over 10mins!!! This over-10-mins talking himself contributed to generate the ridiculous fee!

It indicates that its system keeps charge you as long as its reader keeps typing up and staying in a chat room whether or not a client is there.
How ridiculous and unbelievable!!!

Fortunately (?), I have some evidence to prove my innocence and its ripped-off calculation system.

Before I entered the chat room, I got a message from the expert. The time appeared on the message was later than the starting time of Live chatting.
- It will support that it calculated time in a wrong way.
For example, the time I received the message from him is 10:00pm. But the transcript says that I started to chat before 10pm.

Also, during chatting on the free mode,
there were lines that he mentioned "do not hire me yet", " I want to save your money", " now hire" etc.

The other evidence is another message I sent him after I got out of the chatting room. Its time sent to him was ealier than the ending time the transcript indicates.
- If I was chatting with him, how can I possibly wrote a message to him? -

On the message, I apologized that I ran out of the chat room and asked him to write back to me about the reading we did because the transcript did not appear at the moment.
- Now, I guess because he was still typing on the chatting room alone and I could not see the transcript.-

I sent an email to its customer service,
but I am extremly nervous and afraid of being simply ignored or rejected as I read complaints about it on this complaint website.

Is there anyone who has experienced just like me?
Are there any ways other than waiting its response forever I can get refund my money?

If you have any idea for this problem,
please let me know.
I'd appreciate it a lot from heart!!!

Offender: LivePerson Inc. (Kasamba)

Country: USA   State: Oregon   City: Beaverton
Address: 14525 SW Millikan Way, RCM #17817

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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