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Diamond Acres Kennel: Diamond Acres Kennel
Diamond Acres Kennel: Evonne And Gary Denney: Dishonest Dog Dealers, Unprofessional, Animals with Health Problems

We picked up our French Bulldog puppy that we purchased from Diamond Acres Kennel on June 12th, 2007. After reading the other complaints on this kennel, we now know that our suspicions were accurate!

Mid-May, 2007 my husband and I started looking to purchase a French Bulldog puppy. We found Diamond Acres Kennel on the Internet. I emailed Evonne Denney several questions about some of the puppies. We decided on a puppy and wanted to know what was the next move for us to buy the pup.

Evonne was very difficult to get in touch with and finally told us how to move forward with purchasing and gave us their bank wire information in order to wire them our money ($1925). It was wired to them on 6/6/07. We included shipping ($275) because Evonne told us our puppy could be shipped to us. We also paid for the papers on our puppy, which on the website stated he was FCI registered (from what we have gathered from several sources, FCI is not a registration organization, it just organizes dog shows!). We tried several times over the course of a few days to contact Evonne by telephone on how to get our puppy shipped.

There was much confusion and story changes regarding temperature regulations for shipping animals. We understood it was too hot to ship the puppy after we got all of the facts straight. This was about where all the misleading and confusion began! It continued to be difficult to get in touch with Evonne or Gary about how to get our puppy.

At one point, Evonne told us we were not even calling the right number. I guess we were just supposed to know this since the number we had been calling from the beginning of our interaction with the Denneys was the ONLY number we were ever given! Evonne was still telling us our puppy could be shipped, and even got upset with us when we told her we were going on vacation and could she please ship the puppy a few days later.

Needless to say, we did not go on vacation because Evonne told us our puppy would be arriving during the time we were gone. Once again, he suddenly could not be shipped. We missed our vacation and still had no idea when or how we were going to get our puppy.

We tried several times over the course of a few days to contact Evonne by telephone on how to get our puppy shipped. She gave us the run around and finally we decided we needed to fly from Jacksonville, Florida to Houston, Texas to pick up our puppy because they were not going to ship him like first agreed upon. We asked for our shipping charges to be refunded, the refunded $200 of the charges and claimed that the airlines required a health guarantee and that cost them $75, so we would not get that money back.

We did not argue this fact, because we knew the airlines would not allow a sick animal to travel, even though we had just spend an additional $600 on a plane ticket to get the puppy!

My husband left after he got off work on Tuesday, June 12th and flew out to Texas. We had already supposedly made arrangements with Evonne and Gary to pick up our puppy at the airport parking lot. My husband had been off the plane for 45 minutes and could not get in touch with Gary. My husband called me to try and reach them and I could not get either of them on the two numbers we had either.

Coincidentally, Gary called MY phone and asked me where my husband was. I told him he was at the airport trying to contact him. Gary said my husband was not calling the correct phone number. This was ANOTHER number they failed to give us. My husband and Gary finally met up outside the airport. My husband was asked to sign the contract, he was given the puppy with a small Ziploc bag of food and a few vitamins.

The puppy was COVERED in fleas. They were visibly crawling and biting the puppy. The puppy was also filthy, very smelly, and had dirt caked in his ears. My husband questioned if they had ever given the dog a bath and he was told that yes, they did bathe the puppies. My husband told Gary that his baths and our baths must be very different if he thought that was a clean puppy.

We got home with our puppy around midnight on June 12th! We bathed our puppy and picked fleas off of him for an hour and a half. Our puppy also immediately had explosive diarrhea. He could not control it. We took our puppy to the vet immediately the following morning at 9:00 A.M. He still had diarrhea. The vet was very concerned because of his age and condition. He was put on antibiotics and anti - diarrheal meds to help him.

The vet also diagnosed our puppy with a yeast infection in each ear and tested for a skin condition, what we are pending diagnosis of the mange. We have another French Bulldog that is two years old, so bringing our new puppy in to our home was scary to start off with. Finding out he had all these problems with his health was even worse because we were worried about our other dog contracting something from the puppy.

The vet filled out Evonne's Health Guarantee while we were at the office and we faxed it to Evonne from the office that day. I wanted to make sure we did what we were supposed to because we suspected some shady issues with our transaction. I emailed Evonne the next day (Thursday) to verify she received the fax. Again, coincidentally, Evonne said that she did not receive it, as they were having problems with their fax machine. She suggested we mail the form.

Our puppy was getting worse with diarrhea and we had to take him back to the vet during this time frame. He had to stay hospitalized with the vet overnight for fluids, monitoring, and for intravenous meds. I told Evonne I would send the form by mail after a complete diagnosis was available and that I trusted she would honor this due to her technical difficulties and our puppies continued health problems.

Evonne retorted with (this is a direct quote, spelling and references as written by Evonne) But of course as my Guarantee states, you DO~ have a time frame that the guarantee is to be returned, as he was in perfect health when he arrived, & of course diarea is not considered a health problem. But a normal thing that can happen with puppies. So the contract is Null & Void if not delivered in the time frame required in the contract.
Be Blessed,

Our puppy's diarrhea issues got more involved, he was kept in the hospital on and off for a week; and at this point we were MUCH more concerned about him then dealing with Evonne and her trying to go back on her word. I did email her asking her many questions about the other puppies in our pup's litter and if they were having problems too because we were afraid we were going to lose him, and I was trying to be considerate of their family and the other supposed puppies at their kennel because our dog was carrying an infectious bacteria that was highly contagious to both animals and humans!

The following are her responses to my concerns (this is a direct quote, spelling and references as written by Evonne):
I have a question for you, Did you read Our Entire~ Web site, as far as Our "About Us" Page, as well as Your puppies "Puppy page". As it did~ mention on the Puppy page, & on the About Us page, that We have been Breeders for over~ 14 years, & not only do we breed, but We import as well in order to better the breed & bring in New lines! Your puppy is an import, that came from Europe, so this is why he also has a Tatoo# on his belly, which is to identify his registration papers when they would have arrived. The puppy page did~ state that he is FCI registered, that easily transferrable to AKC registration.

We import in order to better the lines, & to stop letting other breeders ruin the breed all~ together! We have defiantly NEVER~ had a problem with any of our puppies, & We certainly have NO~ reason to Lie about it, just to make Us look better! As we are also a Christian family. And as you know we just~ had a baby 3 weeks ago by C-Section, so of course as a New Mommy, & also 4 other children to care for, as well as Puppies & adults. We stay VERY~ busy on the Farm!

Anyhow, it sounds like you probably need~ to find a New Vet, if your Vet is clueless to what is the cause! So like I said, No We have Not~ had this problem with any~ of our puppies, or his litter as We take very~ good care of our animals! And he was defiantly~ in perfect health when he went to his new home & did not have diarrea while in our~ care! He was Vet checked & Fully Vaccianted in Europe, as they will not~ allow Shipment, until they have proof of documentation. So no he did not receive the Vaccinations here, & his Shot records should be more~ than enough documentation for your vet!

I have never~ in my 14 years, have a Vet want the Vet's information, other than the Shot records it's self! That is more~ than enough proof! There are alot~ of cheesy Vet's out there, that don't have a clue on what they are doing halph of the time!
Be Blessed,

Evonne really thinks we did not read her website, which clearly states ALL over it that it is subject to change at anytime. How convenient for them.

At this point, after many questions to her about the way they cared for their puppies she FINALLY told me our puppy was in fact imported from Europe. Total surprise to us! We interpreted her comments ALL over her informative website that she was trying to better the breed and better the lines that they imported from Europe and bred puppies at their kennel and sold them.

Actually, what they do is just import puppies and sell them for a huge profit! Very misleading! We should have known this was a scam when we requested pictures of our puppy and she said she would have to see if her son could do it when he got home. We obviously never got any pictures. Did she even have the dog there? Probably not!

Also, we are convinced this is why there were so many shipping problems, because the puppy was not there or was very sick! Something was definitely going on in this situation! I emailed Evonne our concerns about this and her response was

(this is a direct quote, spelling and references as written by Evonne)
First of all, my Web site is totally NOT~ misleading in any~ way, Shape, or form!!! When ON~ the Puppy page it says~ that the Puppy is FCI registered, hummmm, that is a pretty darn good indication that the puppy is an Import!!!

Being that Our Health Guarantee ALSO~ explains that our imports are FCI registered & that it takes up to 5 months for Us to receive them. I think You probably need to Slow~ down & actually take~ the time to truly read Our Web site, along~ with the Health Guarantee & it will~ answer many~ questions I'm sure! All of the questions you have asked, you can simply read on Our Health Guarantee & Web site.

Secondly, I do NOT~ just buy from anyone~!!! The breeder I purchase my puppies from is my very~ Best Freind, that has been Show/Breeding for Over~ 30 years, & has all~ of her dog's tested as well! And has some of the Top~ Champions around the World! So I can guarantee~ You that you will NOT~ find a better French Bulldog around from any~ other breeder!!! This of course IS~ how We are able to better the breed, is by bringing in New lines! This is the quickest~ way to make this happen!!!

As every breeder I know in the states "Line" breeds, & THIS~ is what causes the many many health problems to begin with!!! You obviously have NO~ Clue on how breeding & Showing work's!!! We have Sold puppies to some of the most Famous people around the world, wanting Our puppies because of the Quality, & the high demand of Outstanding Champions in our Pedigrees that We offer! You obviously have NO~ Clue who you are even dealing with! And very~ lucky you are, to have gotten a puppy from our Kennel! We don't~ sale to just anyone!!!

Anyhow, I am sure~ you would love~ to have My Connection information, but this is Private Qualified information that I do NOT~ give out! And of course You would Not~ even know the Language to begin with!
Nor do I have the parents registration or pedigree. As I am NOT~ the breeder with this information obviously! So therefore, I have to wait for the Original Puppies registration papers to arrive to me of course as my Health Guarantee also states!

All I know is that I am NOT~ going to continue to have to try to defend my self with You all! I KNOW~ the quality that We raise, & that's all~ that matters!!!
And YES~ of course the Puppy was here when you Purchased it, it was because of HOT~TEMPERATURES~ obviously~ is why We could NOT~ Ship!!! And you had the Temperatures right in front of you on to figure this out as well! So I don't~ appreceaite you calling me a Lier!!! We made this VERY~ Clear, & also have a Shipping page link on our web site, that also DOES~ explain the Temperature restrictions!!!

So everything~ you are trying to blame me about, is simply because you obviously REFUSE~ to take the time to Slowly Read & Understand our Web site! We also have a Disclaimer on the very~ front page of our Web site, and About Us page, a Satisified Customers page, a Health Guarantee page, & most importantly the Puppy Page that is loud & clear if the puppy is an import or Not!!!

So unless you have anymore Sensible~ questions, I am DONE~ with this emailing back & forth! I do NOT~ need this kind of Stress! Please just take the time to READ~ the fine lines!!!

P.S. I still have NOT~ received the Health Guarantee Form from you, so therefore according to my Health Guarantee it is now NULL & VOID!!! You have Showed me ZERO~ proof that you have even~ taken your puppy to the Vet! I CANNOT~ just take Your Word for it!!! Especially~when your saying your puppy is having health problems! So unless I receive the Health Guarantee, the Registration papers are also Null & Void & you will not be receiving them! I take Our Health Guarantee Contract VERY~ Seriously!!!

Be Blessed,

Honestly, we do not care who they have sold puppies to in the past whether them being famous or not, we are concerned about our puppy and his health problems. All we wanted was her help to get to the bottom of the problem, all of this other information came out of no where and screams she has something to hide! I hope her very best friend will better her line and start sending them healthier puppies! I am just glad we started questioning her because they do not deserve to get away with this or steal anyone elses money! We see the only responses Evonne seems to ever have is to refer everyone to her website that is NOT full of information that will help anyone, it just states legal things that try to save them from getting in trouble from what they are doing.

We know her website has a Health Guarantee, an About Us page, a Satisfied Customers page, all the other breeds they supposedly breed on their farm, and a lot of other fluff. What I cannot understand is why she cannot answer my questions when we have asked them. The only response she gives is to refer to the website.interesting!

In all Evonnes responses to complaint complaints she always ends her rebuttal with something along the lines of, and I quote (this is a direct quote, spelling and references as written by Evonne), still always try our very Best to Satisfy our Customers, & stick strictly to Our 1 Year Health Guarantee/Contract so that there is Never any Confussion or Mix up's! We are always willing to work anything out, or answer any questions concerning the transaction! Please email Us for any questions at all please!

We are not breeders and have no intentions of becoming breeders, so that is obviously NOT why we are submitting our experiences. We are upset that Diamond Acres Kennel and Evonne and Gary Denney are allowed to continue doing this to people wanting to purchase a puppy! We only wanted a pet, not a dog to show, but we still expected to get what we paid for! We are wanting to make others aware of the problems so they do not fall victim as well.

We continue to put money into our new puppy because of his continued health problems. The Denneys have not only put an innocent puppys life in danger, but placed our other dog and us in danger as well! The two bacteria/parasites our dog has been diagnosed with (campylobacter and giardia) are contractible by humans and anyone in contact with it!

It seems all the questions we asked were danced around when she responded. All she could do was refer us to her website. Even if her website was full of helpful, useful information that we needed each time we emailed, Evonne still could have taken the time to professionally answer our questions since according to her they are always available to help new pet owners. Evonne always has an excuse for why things have not been done or cannot be done. This time it is that they had a baby. I wonder what excuses she will use next?

We are ready to take ANY action necessary to see that Evonne and Gary Denney do not do this to anyone else and that they pay for what they have done to many people already! I want to find out how to get in touch with each of you that have had negative experiences with Evonne Denney and Diamond Acres Kennel. Does anyone know how we can get in touch?

Offender: Diamond Acres Kennel: Diamond Acres Kennel

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Rockwall
Phone: 9728532401

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