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Complaint / Review
Century Link
Incompetent, money scamming liars with crappy service

I have had problems with Century Link communications since day one. Upon setting my service up through my city's local Century Link office, I was told that a technician would install my service on a specific day that was about a week and half away. I was moving and I hadn't even moved into my new apartment yet at this point. I didn't want to be without internet service (I can live without cable) but seriously, I had a young child and I didn't know what I would do without having the internet. After I moved into my new apartment I had to wait five days, which was fine, I waited patiently. The day I was told Century Link would come set up my service, they never showed up. I called CL and no one would answer their phones. I got my father to call because he can be intimidating and he was able to reach someone. They apologized and gave me a $20 credit on my first bill, but I still had to wait a couple more days. They finally showed up and the two technicians had no idea what they were doing. After one of them broke the leg off my son's dresser, they finally got the cable and internet going. They left and made me sign something saying the services were installed. After watching the cable for a few days my husband and I began noticing that the service was really sketchy, the picture would freeze between 2-10 seconds then programs would skip. It actually made me not even want to watch television. So called CL again and told them I was dissatisfied with the quality of the cable and that I wanted to cancel it, but keep the internet. The woman who I spoke to was nice about it and she cancelled it.

About five months passed and my husband and I decided we wanted to try to get cable again. So we called Comcast and found that it would be beneficial to get their cable tv & internet package. I called CL and spoke to a man who was extremely rude from the start. When I told him I wanted to cancel the internet he tells me I cannot because I signed a contract with CL for a year. What contract?! He told me it was a VERBAL contract! How is that legal? No one ever said anything about a verbal contract. How was I able to cancel the cable then? Well, I had 30 days to do that apparently, something again, no one told me. The man I spoke to proceeded to explain that if I wanted to cancel it I would have to pay around $500. I told him there was no way I could do that, so I guess I had to keep it for a year! I went into the actual CL store and the employee told me that I was basically stupid for not cancelling it earlier if I was so dissatisfied. I told him that I was dissatisfied with the cable and that I did cancel it, it just didn't make sense to have the internet. He didn't do anything.

Well, a year FINALLY passes. I had this day marked on my calendar. I called CL first thing in the morning and cancelled. I told the woman how disappointed I was in the service and the lies and all the crap they put me through. I clearly said I wanted to cancel. She gave me a conformation number and said I wouldn't owe CL any more money, that they might actually have to credit me. (Because the way they do the billing they make you pay for the month of service in advance). So finally, I get Comcast and I think that my life is finally going back to normal. Nope. I get a bill from CL in the mail for a months worth of service. I called CL customer service as usual, and spoke to the most incompetent woman ever. She told me that I had to pay the bill. When I asked her why she said "just 'cuz it how it is." Then she hung up on me. After trying to reach them several more times, I actually kept getting disconnected after someone would pick up from the hold I was on (convenient, right?). So I decided to ignore the bill and cool off a little bit before I tried calling them again. Well, I eventually moved shortly after all of this. One day in the mail I got a bill for $143 from the bill with late fees. I kept getting them and the bill would continue to escalate. I even got a phone call from CL (automated of course) telling me that my service would be cancelled if I didn't pay my bill.

So I go to the CL store in my city so I could see the people I am talking to. The guy I spoke to was nice but told me there was nothing he could do (big shocker). He gave me a number to the financial department. Turns out the woman put me on a vacation hold. Hahahaha. Ok, after I told her I never wanted their service again? Thanks, lady.

I call the financial department of CL and after a 20 minute hold a woman answers while she is laughing and eating. I told her my situation and she says "that's customer service's problem" and she transfers me without warning. THANKFULLY I finally spoke to someone nice and understanding who took this problem and resolved it (hopefully). Knowing Century Link, nothing ever gets resolved with them. He told me to call back in a week and see if my balance returned to 0. He assured me it would. I have his name and all the information I need so if they screw me over again, I am bringing them to court.

Do NOT trust these people. Comcast may have rude service to but it is no where near the level of Century Link. It's almost like the people they choose to work their phone lines they find in the backwoods. A verbal contract, incorrect charges, constant attitudes? Sorry but, we need to not give this place business so they can fall apart and burn in h*l where they belong.

Offender: Century Link

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Naples

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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