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I use to be a manager of a just brakes location. You want to know the funny part. I know nothing about brakes. The reason why i got the original assitant position is because i have a sales background. Now ask yourself this question why would a legitimate brake shop need to hire salesmen. Well you have to have someone exprience in selling if you gonna sell the immorral bs they sell. Heres how it works and this is there training. Some one calls in for a price its always 9988 even if you know its there gonna be more for the vehicle whether theres a non stock pad fee or a larger truck fee you never inform them of that tell the vehicle is torn apart. Next you have the vehicle in while its being torn apart you are trainded to chat with the customer to try to build a ='repoire. This way you can try to get them to build trust with you. Next unless the systems contaminated you bring them in for what is called the WALK AROUND and this never changes for the vehicle and here is how it goes. The tech usually the other mngt team member introduces him self then this this the walk around... Sir/mam the reason for your (stated complaint) is due to your wheel cynders leaking (if not visibally leaking then you say there sticking due to age and milelage doesnt matter if theres only 20000 miles on the vehicle if they question it thats what the mng/ast/= (salesman) if there for. Now sir/mam do to the wheel cylinders not functioning your front calipers have overheated causing them to bind and not release correctly. Your pads are overheated and your shims are non reusable. Due to your rears not working correctly your rear hardware is weak and also needs replaced. Due to the overheating upfront we will also need to replace the front hardware to. The play tech then turns to the mng aka salesman and says ' (salesmans name) in order to fix mr/mrs so and sos problem i am going to need to replace the rear wheel cylinders and hardware. I am going to need to rebuild the front calipers and replace the hardware and shims. I would also suggest replacing the master cylinder due the the condition of the lower hydraulics. Ill try to save the rotors and drums but i wont know till i machine them (which always never happens theyll need replace to by the time i got done w' the customer) Can you go ahead and give mrs/mr so a so a price and ill get the problem fixed. Now the salesman prices it note: theres no set few for parts mark up or other work thats the managers descrestion. I was told one time by the corporate office when i thought i was overpricing wheel cylinders to do it tell i get caught NO LIE. If the customer says no you try to counter the no with aggressive tatics Basically bad cop and if they say no then the tech will call and try to second effort the sale in a concerned manner (good cop). But if you ever had your car inspected at Just Brakes your walk around would have sounded the same unless they werent doing the way they were traing at what just brake calls 'THE WAY' school. Now if you refuse to do the extra work they will do the 99 88 special but wont machine the rotors (which if you check is part of the advertised service which last i check is considered fraud if not done.) the excuse i was suppose to give if called on not machining the rotors was they were to close to spec or were non machinable due to the overheating. But the real reason i come to find it not machining the rotors will cause the brakes to squeak pretty quickly. Now why would we want you to come back in two weeks later with squeaky brakes simple Now we can tell you the reason why there squeaking is because you didnt do the suggested repair work and thats part of the disclaimer you signed witch ulmatley says if you read line five of the trans warrenty that we dont have to warrnety damaged pads if there was suggested work not performed but if you take care of the rest of that work today well go ahead and and warrent to out the pads. Just watch out when you go to just brakes cause its no lie its a scam i been part of it take my word on it.

Offender: Just Brakes EX manage

Country: USA   State: All USA

Category: Scam, Fake


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