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Fraudulent, racist talent show and scoring practices, Eurocentric supremacy RIPOFF

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I saw my friend in this contest before but didn't enjoy it because now I see how it secretly operates. This contest is not safe for children and it will teach them corrupt values and White supremacy. You should see how a White person will get up there and screech and bark and be given a high score, then a Black person will get up there with a beautiful voice and they will try and think of every single reason not to let that person get the credit they are due.

In the grand tradition of White supremacy, a Black person is given the extra stress and burden of having to be perfect little robots just to get the same credit as a White person who does absolutley nothing. A Black person has to be flawless and make no performing mistakes, while a White contestant is allowed to mess up the song, sing it wrong, forget the words, you name it get away with anything, and still be given top other words, White people are allowed to make mistakes and be human so this contest dehumanizes Black people.

There are Black people involved with this contest but not in any important capacity. They all have small, limited roles that don't have any real impact on the contest, such as "paper folder" for the flyers they make and other unimportant, non-impact jobs. All the important, out front jobs, like judging are given to mostly Whites.

How in a city like Canton which has a good number of Blacks are all the judges White? That has to be done consciously and on purpose. That's about as suspicious as a bunch of Hispanics being on the judging panel in Japan Idol. I do not appreciate these cheap imports no better than Americans like cheap imported steel.

It may be true that the contest is founded and started by a Black person, by why is nearly every other person in a position of power White. It's a shame what Black kids will grow up to be like when they are raised in a world watching Black adults discrimminate against their own. How will Black kids cope with seeing racism coming from both sides.

Some of the White kids said they stopped associating with the contest becuase they saw they were being favored because they were White. That's pretty bad when even a White person notices that you are ashamed and prejudice against your own race. That's pretty bad when even the people you are catering to think your immoral. Wow. That's pretty bad.

They pay the price too with these cheap imports. Whenever they do public appearances no one attends because they only win for the judges because they are White, and growling and howling won't cut it once you get on stage for the general public. One time the police department showed up, either out of pity or because someone got on stage and screamed and they thought someone was being robbed. But in the grand tradition of Jim Crow, they would rather do bad with Whites, than succeed with the involvement of Blacks. If a Black person has not talent, then I wouldn't want them either, but they need to get rid of these chicken squawking Whites too.

I wonder are they affiliated with the elitist pigs at the Canton Players Guild. The Guild seems to love to keep their atmosphere as White as possible in a noticeably brown city. Canton and it's ugly history of segregation just take notice in the job market is always trying to keep Black people from being involved in anything constructive without denying them credit or stealing whatever credit they do get. Just walk in any store, it looks like the Miss White America Pageant with all the White cashiers and workers.

I think they should rename the competition Plantation Idol and have all the contestants compete by shucking bales of cotton and then at least the title would actually represent the contest.

Don't give money to this ridiculous contest. Don't buy their tickets, don't go to their shows. Don't support Jim Crow.

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