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America's Servicing Company
Poor service!

We pay our mortgage on time every month and every month we receive foreclosures documents. We pay our taxes separately and they escrow funds for our taxes without an agreement to do so. I have paid approximately $ 10,000.00 in late fee's for current mortgage payments. When you call them, send them copies of all payments, etc., ...

Americas Servicing Company
Poor service!

Re: Americas Servicing Company This is to all you folks who really don't seem to know a gosh darn thing about mortgages and I am here to enlighten your lives with a bit of information, especially if you are all over the internet trashing america's servicing company. Lets start with the facts first. #1 when you sign documents ...

HomEq Servicing
Predatory lending!

I have owned my own home since 1988 and never missed a payment. I have asthma and a sensitivity to perfumes and chemicals and other 2003, my then employer ignored my needs. As a result, I breathed in some toxins sprayed at work. I could not breathe and catch my breath. I was left writhing in pain on the floor for 45 ...